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happy birthday, mg

did you know that today is michael's birthday?

do you know who michael is?

michael is a little redheaded boy that isn't so little anymore. i met him in third grade, in mrs. luce's language arts class. i had a crush on him at once. i still remember his birthday, probably because it's so close to mine. he's at a&m now. he loves dogs and his favorite color is maroon. or at least it was then. he played basketball and had an older sister.

last Christmas i dogsat for a family that lived on his street. i had memorized his street name in third grade, and when i heard that the family lived on that particular street, i went straight to my old elementary school address book (yes, believe it or not it still comes in handy, even now that i'm 20). i had always wanted to see where the infamous Michael G lived, and then was my chance.

so every time i passed by the house, i discreetly turned my head toward his house. they had cute little Christmas decorations, and a few cars in the driveway. one night when i went, someone was pulling out the Christmas lights to turn them off. i immediately drove faster and looked away.

in elementary school, my good friend lauren told the entire lunch table that i liked him. that is how he found out, and i was THE nerd in elementary school. and really--i mean it--THE nerd. i would go home and cry because kids bullied me. i don't want to talk about it. anyhow, i was mad at lauren for days, i wouldn't talk to her. eventually we patched things up, i can't remember exactly how. he made fun of me from then on though, and so love turned ever so quickly to hate.

in high school, i saw him occasionally in the hallway. everytime i walked by, he had this horrified, scared look on his face, as if to say, "Oh, no, not HER!" eventually i just started chuckling to myself as he passed, which probably disturbed him even more.

between 3rd grade and 12th, you'd think he would know that i've gotten over him!

but he's still very cute. well, sort of. in an oafish sort of way.

i guess that's me too, though.

so michael is 20 now.

- Tuesday, May. 30, 2006


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