backyard crowing



i'm getting a new (to me) camera c/o my granddad. HOORAY! I'm so ridiculously happy. seriously.

i'm driving an hour to my grandparent's house on wednesday so granddad can show me a few tricks of the trade, how to load the camera, etc. i hope it goes well, i think it will. i'm in for quite a lesson?

i've been trying to think up some questions. here's what i have so far:

1. What does 35 mm mean? What does that measurement refer to?
2. Is 200 speed film less expensive than 800 speed film since it's less sensitive?
3. Aperture, film speed, and shutter speed. Tell me more.


Q: If the weather was yours today, what would it be?

clear, crisp air flowing through your hair
snow crunching beneath your feet
icicles hanging lazily from the roof
crazy cool so i can feel your warmth

- Sunday, Jun. 04, 2006


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