backyard crowing


one good kiss

"The world would have so much less tension in it if everyone just got to kiss everyone they wanted to. Just one, good kiss. That's all I'm saying." - somebody named bratnatch on said this, and I like it.

still no job yet...but i've had three interviews anyway. i really need to be hired.

wow, xanga does not have what i am now playing. actually, i'm not too surprised, because it's a beatles bootleg. it's called "Back Track", and my dad's best friend gave it to him years ago. when i was in junior high, i would come home and blast the cd until dad came home and caught me not doing my homework. eventually he just gave the cd to me, since he never listened to it himself. oddly enough itunes recognized the bootleg when i transferred the songs from disc to computer.

right now my dad is in salt lake city visiting said friend for a week in the mountains. i need to go to the house and see if his electricity ever went out.

i love music.

- Tuesday, Jun. 06, 2006


lovesounds - futuresex


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