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a list

1. My ex is: a nice guy

2. I am listening to: relient k's "sadie hawkin's dance"

3. Maybe I should: pray

4. I love: music, and i always will

5. My best friend is: everyone.

6. I don't understand: why Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was ever popular

7. I lost: extroversion

8. I'm tired of: looking for a job

9. The meaning of my screen name is: ennemie means enemy in french, and if you've ever seen the movie almost famous, then you know that "the enemy" is william miller, the main character in the film, a rock journalist, and based on a young cameron crowe

10. Love is: when you attempt to understand someone else, even though you know that one human can never truly understand another

11. Somewhere, someone is: crying

12. I will always be: connected to music

13. Forever seems: further

14. My cell phone: annoys me

15. When I wake up in the morning: i wish i was still asleep

16. I get annoyed when: people try to make me quickly make a decision

17. Kisses are the best: when they're genuine

18. Today I: went to go see an agatha christie play at the alley, and to rockfish with mom

19. Tonight I will: update my private blog

20. Tomorrow I will: look for a job like no other (mom says SHE is going to hire me on friday if i don't yet have a job)

21. I really want: a job

22. People say I am: shy

- Sunday, Jun. 11, 2006


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