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indentured servitude

i have an interview today at a coffee shop. mom has already hired me as her indentured servant. dad wants me to spend father's day with me, which is not exactly unreasonable. i have had enough of this family.

i miss my life.

"Music makes me invincible!"

"Music is my boyfriend."

"Music is life."

"Music is her religion."


I've come to the conclusion that I ruined my mother's life. If she hadn't gotten pregnant, she might have married my dad, and if she had, she might have divorced him before I was ever concieved. Then again, she might have just broken up with him and saved herself some trouble. Either way, she wouldn't have me to worry about had they decided to use a condom. Thinking about them together just sounds disgusting. I am far too independent to live with anyone ever, especially someone like her. Good grief, the woman doesn't respect me at all, let alone love me.


i'm pretty sure she has decided without telling me that i am working for her for free. she said nothing about what she was going to pay me, and just made a list of chores to do. so yeah, i'm not her slave and i want to kill myself.

god, why was i born? i hate this, i hate her, i hate my life.

i just want to go to hell already.

and sure, these are things that people would read and say, "oh, she doesn't mean that." those people only think they know me.

1:25 pm - Friday, Jun. 16, 2006


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