backyard crowing


up so floating

today was my first day at the sandwich shop. i'm finally employed!

i want a thinking woman's career someday, and i do think i shall have it.

i don't think about david nearly as much now, but right this second he's on my mind, ever so slightly.

i hope whoever i marry (if i marry) is into reading to the child/children (if there should be any) bedtime stories. i am ALL about the bedtime literature!

i wish he was here now, just snuggling in bed with me drowsily. he's the kinds of person i can see myself getting used to. the clock just struck midnight, so it's officially june 29, 2006. i have known him 9 months. if we had slept with each other the day he first appeared in my diary, (not the first day we met) and we had conceived, that kid would be due right about now.

um, awkward if guys KNEW that women thought like this, they would sprint away from us. or away from me, anyway.

"...up so floating many bells down..." - e.e. cummings

"Oh, but words cannot speak!" - cord's entry into graffitti literary magazine

more later...i'm sore. my thighs thank me kindly for exercising them.

- wednesday, June 28, 2006


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