backyard crowing


fireworksing the fourth

i don't know what to write today, but i'm breathing and everything. it's fun, life is good...and i have the day off! mom is at the grocery store, and i am outside my house 'trolling for signal,' as we say in our house. trolling for signal is sitting in my front yard like those people in wireless internet commercials do so that i can obtain connection without having to pay for a router.

why trolling? because i look like a troll sitting indian style in the grass. my mom's friend edward invented the phrase.

i hope anyone reading this is having a really great summer.

ta ta! only a few more weeks till school again!

oh, anybody going to the fireworks thing tonight with los lonely boys in houston? the tv won't stop talking about it. i don't think i'll go because i worked yesterday and i'm working tommorow, but it looks fairly entertaining.

okay, i'm signing off for real now.

11:19 am - Tuesday, Jul. 04, 2006


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