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i admire:

anyone who has something to say, the strength to say it, and the ability to say it well, whatever that 'it' may be.

i had yet another strange dream last night, and in this one adam (a former beau) was my brother. we had gone to some pool where a few other people were hanging out. robson was there, and we went under the water to look at each other. in this pool, if you went underwater you could see information about the people in the pool. i remember looking at robson and laughing, and he looked at me and started laughing. we were both thoroughly amused at each other; it was lots of fun. then my bro adam and i suddenly found ourselves in the parking lot of a grocery store. he started to rape me (incest) and i began to let him. then my alarm clock went off.

i realized when i woke up that the pool was almost magical, and that what i was looking at underwater was robson's profile, and he was looking at mine. in the pool you could see one another's profiles. strange...

things that could have triggered the dream:

1. my mom has a friend who has a daughter who was date raped in a randall's parking lot
2. i consider adam (who i haven't seen in years) to be my friend; a brother, if you will
3. i recently watched an episode of Tyra (erm... yes, that's Tyra Banks' talk show) that featured some famous model who had a pedophile for a father, and who raped her sister everyday
4. i am a facebook addict
5. i have had a few dreams involving water/oceans/pools
6. maybe i miss robson more than i am willing to admit. sitting there laughing and looking at each other was nice... we didn't do that much even while we were dating

that's all i have from last night. my, my, my...

aie. issues. issues, i say! it's almost midnight, i need to sleep so i have the strength to carry on tommorow. today was a sunday, and it was the least busy so far at the sandwich shop, maybe because most families go to sit down restaurants after their sermons. mondays are hectic though. at least they pass by fairly quickly, and i don't have to go in until 11 am tommorow.

mom and i watched most of "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" today. the film stars kate hudson, a star of almost famous, and matthew mcconaughey. matthew is cute, isn't he? still, there are cuter. i guess i don't understand what's the big deal with him. he's attractive, but not too different than the other Sexiest Men Alive look alikes. w/e.

sleep is creeping up on me. i have to go now. goodnight, cherribells!

- sunday, Jul. 02, 2006


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