backyard crowing


imaan dream

last night i dreamed
we had joined the army,
you and me, imaan

i did not know you would have gone
did not expect you there

your eyes were wide
and full of tears
your face shone white
projecting fear

i spoke with you
and carefully
i was a friend
and you to me

before too long the solemn exchange
transformed itself
to interview pages

you spoke of teaching, but
"teaching what?"
i asked,
you did not know
that much
your pot of gold
your stuff of life
you saw
cast in a teacher's mold

we travelled by plane amongst strangers
instead of olive drab we all wore purple
we flew to the middle east

a place your ancestors called home
a place we now deem "war zone"

you still wore your burka
you poor thing

what an awful duty

- saturday, June 24, 2006


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