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some dude on consumating asked for some good modern music, so here was my lengthy reply:

I would reccommend, if I may, Engine Down. They broke up almost right after i discovered them,

Itunes labels their songs as "Indie", "Rock", "Alternative & Punk", "Blues", and "Other." And...itunes is right, i suppose. Their songs seem either intensely hard rocking or dreamy, like they might put you to sleep. good guitar work. they are strangely entertaining enough to listen to closely or let fly in the background while you're trying to do something else...not much music works well this way, if you ask me. some good songs of theirs:

"Songbird" - off of the album Demure

"Etcetera" - off of the album Engine Down

"Depth Perception" - off of the album To Bury Within The Sound

"Patent On The Better" - off of To Bury Within The Sound

You might also try Five Iron Frenzy's "Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo", which is a cd i've had in my car stereo for the past week or so. It's Christian ska, but the 'Christian' is hardly noticeable, as most of their lyrics are too difficult to make out, and the stuff you can understand usually isn't about praising anybody anyway. If you're a fan of ska (ska pretty much equals saxaphone plus trumpet plus rock band gone crazy, if you're not familiar), then you'll like five iron frenzy. unfortunately they, like engine down, have broken up, but they're still relatively recent.

Good songs off of that album that don't have anything to do with Christianity:


"You Can't Handle This" - HILARIOUS. it's about nerds with calculators and giant egos.

"Plan B" - it's about laziness, also an amusing song

the other songs on the cd are also excellent and do involve God-related themes. again, with five iron frenzy, most of the time the words aren't discernable anyhow, so it's a wonder they called themselves a Christian band. now i sound like i'm dissing them--I love them! anyways.

who else?

how else can i influence your taste in music? mwahaha! i'm enjoying this thread.

america's greatest hits by america isn't recent, but it's still excellent, if you ask me...

OOOH! i almost didn't mention The Autumn Effect's album "10 Years." I love it! you might have heard their song "Wasteland" on the radio. eeeeexcellent album. i don't know how to define them at all. itunes says they are "Rock." oh, but they are so much more! dark, brooding, light-metallica with an amazing lead singer. geez, did i just compare them to metallica? no, they're not metallica at all, really...just give 'em a listen if you have the chance. every last song is a winner on that cd.

if you have any penchant for irish music, the corrs have an album called "Forgiven, Not Forgotten" that's fun. it's a cross between irish and rock, with 3 talented sisters and a brother for musicians.

there's another band called Daphne Loves Derby with an album called "On The Strength Of All Convinced." don't miss their song "Birthday Gallery", it's great.

i think that's about all the damage i can do right now. hopefully i've given you a good start. have you heard of any of those? i tried to make it nice and obscure, heh...

- friday, Jul. 07, 2006


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