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paycheck numero uno

i got my first paycheck today, and unfortunately it was only 150 bucks when i expected 450. i thought perhaps it was wrong, but no, i checked--they're right, but only for 32 hours. the end of the story is that i'll get a paycheck 2 weeks after i stop working for subway. ah, well...

it's worse for jessica, she only gets two days worth of pay until the next paycheck, which is of course a whopping 14 days away. aie.

a lady walked in today and ordered a sandwich with extra everything. of course, for extra cheese and extra meat i had to charge her extra. but for the vegetables, we can't charge extra. she said something like, "yeah, i like a lot of everything, you'll learn that about me." and again, when i told her i would need to charge her more for the meat and cheese, "oh, sure, go ahead, i deserve it." i told her she should ask for what she wants, and i was in a good mood, as i was about to go off the clock. i rang her up and gathered her change--four dollars. she started to walk out the door and i caught her attention. "ma'am? ma'am? you left your change!" she smiled and said "it's for you, keep it!" i was stunned, i've never gotten a tip at subway, especially not a four dollar tip! of course, i didn't take it but put it by the cash register screen with the receipt. i punched out and started to walk out to my car when i turned back, thinking that my manager might run across it, see from the receipt that i rung the lady up, and assume i let her walk out of the store without getting her change back. i walked back into the restaurant and told flor and jessica about it, and to put it in the register. i think flor said something like, "oh, it's a tip, it's for you," but i told her i wouldn't feel right taking it as a tip. i hope she put it in the tip jar or cash register. oi. perhaps all tips go into the community tip drawer. probably so! yeesh, i bet i sounded self-centered refusing to take the tip.

all i can say is that the lady was very sweet, and i'm glad i got to serve her. she reminded me oddly of buppie, who i have never met. is it odd that i should compare her with a blogging cohort? ah, well! she seemed wonderful, a real, strong, black woman. my mom is like the strong black woman, only paler than snow. but i can't trust my mother. i can trust buppie and her act-alike. i wonder if all my role models will be writers.

first there's buppie, and then bassclargirl, a woman in the army abroad who plays bass clarinet. then we have aglaia, a person who in her college years seemed just like me, and who has grown into a woman. then we have amazinfuckup, whose poignant, piercing, brief entries never fail to pique my interest. she writes with such feeling! a fuckup she is not. then i read doingit, a woman chronicling her newlywed sex life. "scandalous!" you might say, but to me, it's quite the contrary. she loves her husband deeply, you can tell by her eloquence and excitement, and she makes sex within marriage sound incredible, she renews my faith in coupledom, if you will. alainabelle is also a joy to read, and i would love it if she would update more often. however, she is quite the busybody, and for good reason. she is a new mother, twenty years old, and her strength astounds me. other than these, i don't read interesting blogs, only the blogs of people i know in person.

NOTE TO SELF: get gas money from mom so you can get to work tommorow.

- wednesday, Jul. 12, 2006


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