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bastille day

two years ago today i was in france. it's bastille day! i don't know what i'm going to do if i quit with french. the language is such a part of how i identify myself. all throughout high school i was the french geek. in college, i have (for the most part) done well with my french classes. i miss my thirst for french, and i believe i still have it.

i think perhaps writing is painful. it shows us who we are.

i just want to have a happy, fulfilled life. i don't know where i'm going, but i want it to be somewhere positive. who knows where i'll be after college? mom doesn't seem to believe that i could make it to new york. she never believes in me anyway.

but the fact still remains: i have to get the hell away from her. i don't care if i graduate and become a bum on the street in new york. at least i'll be there. she needs to fucking LET GO. boy do we hate each other! we're a regular cain and abel.

- friday, Jul. 14, 2006


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