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today is july 16, and the day is just another summer day. there's nothing really special about today, nothing to celebrate. the heat weighs me down. it's 1 am.

i miss austin. i need to get back to my city, the city she loves me.

listening to: the faint's song, "some incriminating photographs"

what is the first thing i do when i get back home?

1. unpack all of my stuff, find a place for everything
2. shower (moving causes major sweat pourage--this could quite possibly come before unpacking)
3. sleeping
4. getting my class schedule off the internet
5. figuring out if i want to take the next section of french after all (probably so)
6. messing with my camera, experimenting with it
7. updating my blog, as usual. maybe i'll even figure out a new, better layout if i have time
8. buying my textbooks
9. finding my classrooms
10. socializin' with anya, the new roomie
11. finding out if there will be another poster sale this year
12. peeking into my textbooks, getting giddy about my awesome classes
13. finding out about joining the daily texan <-- muy, MUY importante
14. doing all of my laundry so that i don't have to worry about it for the first couple of weeks
15. going to cvs for school supplies & fundamentals
16. finding out where the closest subway is (job? maybe?)
17. hanging out at cheapo discs! woot.
18. finding buddies on my floor, meeting miss leila for a boba
19. trying to get anya to give me the asian hub address (at ut, we have an asian hub that hasn't yet been tapped. the asians don't want to reveal the address...but roomies are sort of like family. would anya tell me if she knew? heehee! bribery? perhaps!)
20. getting out in the open air
21. writing in cafes
22. smiling at the world
23. studying, and HARD
24. getting plenty of tutoring
25. meeting study groups
26. going to the welcome to texas ceremony (i played hookie last year and regretted it)
27. seeing an indie film at the dobie mall theater
28. looking out of my incredible laundry room window
29. dating? meh. maybe.
30. logging into the internet a whole lot more!

i hope i get to attend acl fest this year as a guest instead of a volunteer...i hope...

only 39 more days until august 26! (that's hopefully my move out day!)

- sunday, Jul. 16, 2006


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