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My co-worker and I were behind the sandwich counter today when three men came through the door, three regulars. My co-worker had told them on an earlier occasion, unbeknownst to me, that she was seventeen. They ordered their sandwiches, and as we loaded them with whatnot, one of them asked her, "Why don't y'all have nametags? What is your name?" She told them, and one of the three said, as she revealed to me he always says, "Hey, you're only one year away..."

"One year away," he said, like she was a piece of meat. They went on to ask her if she had a boyfriend; she did. "Yeah, but you're not really serious, y'know, you just met him, you don't really like him, right?" they reasoned. They kept pursuing it--how long had she and her boyfriend been dating? "Two months," she told them, and rang up their items. Did she have an older sister? No.

Our manager, a man, was in the back of the store at his desk at the time, so he did not see any of the aforementioned events. After the trio sat down to eat their sandwiches, we both escaped to the back, unsure and uncomfortable (if I was uncomfortable, I can't imagine how she must have felt). The manager saw us talking and told us that someone had to be in the front at all times, to watch the tables. I went, because they never messed with me. To send her in would have been hellish. What is it with men? Why do they verbally sexually harass women? What the fuck?

She is going to be a kickass doctor someday, and I have a mind to give those guys a piece of my mind next time they come in. I think, "Harass anyone here ever again and you will be asked to leave and never come back. If you do then come back, we will call the police," is a nice beginning.

Now, what kind of bread do you want?


and, why the hell do so many people think i am innocent? i'm going to hell, how much more tarnished can i be?

if i am at all innocent, it is because my parents never let me really live.


"We are the people we turn to when life goes awry."

that is the sentence that i woke up with this morning. that was my root, i do believe, or the very first thought that came to me as i woke up, the one i always put away and ignore. that is the issue at hand, or what's really on my mind. and when you think about it, one can say loads about a sentence so broad.

- monday, Jul. 24, 2006


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