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dramatic i know

what the fuck? he's my dad, for god's sake. he's not inherently evil. what the hell is her problem? i can't wait to get the hell away from this shit state and everyone i know, especially her. she makes my life hell. i need to divorce my mother. now. living here is torture. i hate it, and her, and him, and anyone who has ever known me. i could leave now and not feel a thing, just dissappear forever into the vast, black, ocean of the world outside. i don't know why the caged bird sings. my vocal chords are red with blood. i would scream, but i can't. my insides tense and fight with everything i have, which is nothing. still i am bound and determined, my eyes fixed upon the future with ferocity and reckless devotion. i will get away from her. no matter what it takes, i will say goodbye forever someday soon. she'll be in my rearview mirror, and i'll never look back, or down, or her way. her way is hell, and once i've escaped it, i will never return.

- thursday, Jul. 27, 2006


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