backyard crowing


we be chattin'

me: hey
me: i rented the importance of being earnest but i haven't watched it yet
marcus: Watchit!
me: i will
me: not now though
me: what are you up to?
marcus: Playing trivial pursuit
me: cool
me: with your friends?
marcus: Yup
me: are you winning
marcus: Actually yes
me: yay!
me: question: did you know that i knew thomas? if so, how?
marcus: No
me: okay, nevermind
marcus: I mentioned thomas cause he goes to ut and he's fun
me: i'm way too conspiracy-esque
me: well i dont mean to distract you
marcus: You can always distract me
me: aw thanks
me: :-D
me: that is sweet and sexy at the same time
me: i like distracting you
marcus: Good
me: in both sweet and sexy ways
marcus: Distract me
me: okay then
me: which one now?
me: i'm shirtless
marcus: ...
marcus: That's SO not fair
me: hahaaaa
marcus: But I've already got all my wedges
me: your wedges?
me: are you about to win if you answer one last question right or something?
marcus: Yup
marcus: I have to get to the middle first though
me: 'stuck in the middle with yoooooou...'
me: yay i'm back!
marcus: See they get to pick my category
me: so they can choose your weakest one
marcus: But I've answered pretty much all of them right
me: ooh, if you don't know the answer and you don't have a time limit you can ask me
me: and if i don't know, i can ask jeeves
me: but they might be too impatient for that
marcus: lol
marcus: No time limit
me: suh-WEET!
marcus: But itd be obvious
me: yes, clearly
me: type type type......hmmmm........lemme think
me: and then, all of a sudden, "I'VE GOT IT!"
me: with a lightbulb protruding from your head
me: protruding is such a weird word
me: i don't know what to make of it
me: blech, protruding
me: protrude THIS, BITCH!
marcus: I could protrude you
me: ewwwww
marcus: All night long
me: haha!
me: And I you, I should add
marcus: = O
me: O:-)
marcus: *lick*
me: I hope those are my breasts you're licking
me: they're so warm right now
me: i'm under the covers
marcus: Whatelse would I lick?
marcus: ...
marcus: O:-)
me: Oh...I don't know...there's an area between my legs that could sometimes use a tongue...
me: I just took off my shorts and panties, just wanted to let you know
marcus: Son of a--
me: okay you had better not be showing your buddies this
marcus: You're so mean to me
marcus: Nope
me: uh oh...too much of a distraction?
me: i'm impatient for you to win
marccus: One of them just came from behind with all points
me: oh no!
marcus: Yup
me: you don't believe i'm naked, do you? i am.
marcus: I don't understand it
marcus: Why do all my friends smoke pot?
marcus: I dont
me: do they?
marcus: But they all do
marcus: Take a picture :-P
me: are they smoking now?
me: maybe the reason you're winning is because they all smoke pot
me: why do you hang out with these guys?
marcus: Well one is
marcus: I didn't know
me: i'm never going to take a picture, not in these circumstances :-)
marcus: We're playing the ps2 trivial pursuit
me: oh nifty
marcus: In what circumstances would you?
me: if i knew that you would be the only one seeing them, and they weren't digital, and no one would ever find them, and the person developing the prints didn't look at me oddly when i got them developed
me: that's a lot of ifs
me: so you didn't know they smoked pot?
me: and if i knew that you'd enjoy them and not think i was fat
marcus: Ok, how about if it was you taking pictures with a polaroid camera?
me: hm
me: i never thought about that
me: maybe
me: and polaroid pictures fade out over time
me: which is a plus
me: but i don't have a polaroid
me: and i don't want you to go buying one just because i said all of that
me: not that i think you would
me: but who knows?
me: i sure as hell don't!
me: anyways...
marcus: Maybe at a garage sale
marcus: I lost
me: good game
me: have you ever smoked pot?
xcalibur866: Nope
marcus: good for you!
marcus: I drink occasionally
marcus: But smoke nothing
me: where do you get the alcohol?
me: or are your friends of age
me: oh wait, you said your brother was of age, right?
marcus: They are
marcus: And so is my brother/roomate
me: does he smoke?
marcus: Nope
marcus: Neither of them
me: that's good
me: that's really good
marcus: But as far as drinking and making bad decisions
marcus: Yeah, brother does that
me: what does he do?
me: have you ever been drunk?
marcus: Yes, but once again, no bad decisions
me: ah
me: that is key
me: i've been tipsy
marcus: Indeed
marcus: I think fairly clearly
me: yes, in france
marcus: Though I did claim bill gates was behind the ipod
me: so it was legal tipsiness, ha
me: haha!
me: and that gore invented the internet?
me: eeeeexcellent
me: he took the initiative
me: whoah!
marcus: I wasn't THAT drunk
me: what a badass!
me: haha
me: only al gore could be that sober
marcus: lol
me: (kidding, i don't even know what he stood for)
me: .....other than inventing the internet
marcus: He also gave a speach on global warming in the middle of a snowstorm
me: really? that's cool
me: how ironic, i love it
me: was it on purpose?
marcus: I don't know
me: because if it wasn't.....what a riot!
marcus: But yes
marcus: Awsome
me: teh awesome
me: btw, are you spelling awesome without an 'e' after the 'w' now?
me: is that like a Marcus thing?
me: or does your 'e' key not work?
me: 'cause when i say, 'teh', the misspelling is on purpose
me: it sounds funny to me
me: like 'zorz' at the end of words
marcus: I can appreciate an oil painting of Abraham Lincoln mudwrestling jefferson davis on the front lawn of a house made entirely of prime numbers, but its just too bulky for the ninja lifestyle
me: you're a ninja?
me: i'm a pirate
me: power to the pirates!
marcus: Yar
marcus: You seem quite energetic tonight
me: and i'm sorry but i didn't understand the painting thing
me: i am
me: energetic
me: and naked
marcus: And not a marcus in sight
me: wtf
marcus: Poor janeane
me: oh
me: okay
me: gotcha
marcus: Que the hell
me: i was freaking out thinking you were not you
me: that you were one of your friends
me: i can't help but be paranoid
marcus: No, I've already left
me: but yes, you would be a dear...
marcus: A dear what, may I ask?
me: a dear ;-)
marcus: Bada-bing
me: hm
me: i like your question though
me: it has many answers
me: brush stroke artist
me: for one
marcus: All of them I'd like to hear :-P
me: warm set of lips
me: breathing heavily
me: tugging and massaging
me: caressing
me: coaxing
marcus: Pleading probably
me: gulping
me: pleading yes, and pleasuring
me: gasping
me: whimpering
me: sighing
me: groping
me: spreading
me: squeezing my pussy tightly like i am now
me: wrapping you up in me
marcus: I like these verbs
marcus: So just to ask, am I the only person who makes you this way? My ego wants to know
me: yes. I'm not seeing anyone right now
me: i've had cyber sex before, but never with anyone i actually met in person
marcus: Mwuahaha
marcus: There's more than one expanding head on my body then
me: you're the first who i've known
me: haha!
me: and you?
marcus: Yes ma'am
me: cool
me: when did you first start getting interested in girls?
me: like, how old were you and what did it?
me: do you remember a particular friend or movie star or teacher?
marcus: Probably around 6th grade
marcus: When love apples started appering
me: ha
me: love apples
me: my first crush was in 3rd grade
me: but i don't know if i even knew what i wanted
marcus: I did have a "gf" in kindergarden, then she moved
marcus: Kissed a girl in 3rd grade
me: awww
me: i kissed a guy when i was 19
me: but i've never french kissed anyone, even though i tried. it was so odd, like a fish or something
me: yay! back on
me: i'm a late bloomer, ha
marcus: lol
marcus: We can give it a shot
marcus: How bout it?
me: I'd like to
me: Would you?
marcus: But of course
me: I get back Aug. 26
me: and start school the 30th
me: 8-)
marcus: I have no work mondays and tusedays
marcus: I don't know about school off the top of my head
me: so maybe the 28th or 29th
marcus: Ayeaye
me: Yay! I'm excited
marcus: I only have one class on tuesdays
me: well good
marcus: Yup yup
me: are you in the car?
marcus: Nopr
marcus: Back on my couch
marcus: Quite tacobell-less than I was about 5 minutes ago
me: you threw up your taco bell? oh no!
me: :-)
me: or you just got back from the bell
me: yo quiero kisses de marcus
marcus: I just finished my taco bell
me: do you speak spanish?
marcus: Je voudrais kisses du Joanna
marcus: French
me: all of my co-workers do, it's funny
me: yay!!!
me: i work at subway. eat fresh, bitches!
me: the other day one of my co-workers who i seldom understand said very slowly and clearly: "You. Go. Home."
me: it was so cute, we both burst out laughing
me: i rarely see her smile
me: how nice
me: i am the token white girl
marcus: lol
marcus: Delicious
me: the token white girl is delicious? ha
me: but i'll go with that
me: :-*
marcus: Yes, yes you will :-)
me: hehee...
me: hmm
me: i am laying with my stomach, chest, and thighs face down on the bed, like a belly flop. my knees are bent and the bottoms of my feet are in the air. my elbows are also bent and my fingers are typing. my eyes are looking inquisitively and playfully at the screen...
me: back again!
marcus: I'm sitting on my couch in jeans, my thumbs typing, hoping the girl on the other end doesn't think I'm a total bufoon
me: what? no! why?
marcus: Well, I'm incredibly lame
me: I don't think that at all
marcus: Yay!
me: you're very fun
me: *smooch*
marcus: I'm also shocked/delighted that you don't think I'm a pervert
marcus: *smooch*
me: if you're a pervert, so am i
me: and if i'm a pervert, so are you
marcus: Booyaka!
me: yaka? ha!
me: i haven't heard that version
me: i wonder where 'boo yah' came about anyway
me: or is it 'booyah'?
me: or 'booya'?
me: or 'boo ya'?
marcus: There's "Byaw" made famouse by what's his name
marcus: The politician
me: 'byaw' sounds very hick
me: pshaw
me: talk to the hand
me: 'cause the face ain't acknowledgin'
marcus: Todays secret word is "house"
me: i'm in a house. so are you.
me: secret word from what?
me: back again!
marcus: Woohoo!
me: indeed!
me: your mom is a secret word
me: okay that made no sense
me: but that's okay
marcus: lolz
me: were you just joking when we were on the phone and you said you had a hard on?
me: i'm interested
marcus: When? Yesterday?
me: on the phone a couple of days ago
me: you called me naughty girl :-)
me: but you've also told me while chatting that you're half there
marcus: Probably yup
marcus: Yep
me: wow. so you do remember?
marcus: Yup
me: cool
marcus: The word was from Peewee's
me: ugh. peewee herman actually has reruns?
marcus: On Adult Swim no less
me: ugh
me: is it funny?
marcus: Hillarious
marcus: If I had memories of that show, I'm sure they'd be coming back
me: i don't have any memories of the show
me: was it on pbs originally?
me: i don't even know
marcus: I have no idea
me: *rests head on your shoulder*
me: i'm tired
me: *sits in your lap and falls asleep*
me: good night
marcus: Go ahead, but if you feel a lump its uh.. A wrinkle in my pants. That I'm no longer wearing
me: haha!
me: alright!

- wednesday, august 02, 2006


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