backyard crowing


car inspection

I just saw the son of Jean Simmons on The View. RAWR!!! He's 17 and irresistible. YUM.


later, at 5:48 pm:
getting my car inspected

Sometimes I listen aux hommes du monde et je deviens embarrassee for them. Surtout maintenant. Il y a un garcon qui pense qu'il sait tout au sujet des voitures.


Je peux voir right through ce garcon. Quel bete. Il est ridicule, et je soupcon qu'il me regarde. Je ne suis pas in the mood! Aie! Ugh!

Je veux que Marcus me telephone. Il me manque. Ou est-il, je me demande...

Il est crazy magnifique je pense. Ou est-il now that j'ai besoin de lui? Ou? Agh! So frustrated!

Je me sens que...


later still...
i think i'm beginning to really like him. i hope it's him, and not the idea of him on top of me.


later still...
me: this is a cheaper means of communicating than texting, although less reliable in my case
marcus: Aye aye
me: did it involve a scanner at all
me: ooh, evil scanners
me: that are out to get you
marcus: Ugh
me: stupid internet
marcus: Hey, google "the science of sleep" and look for a movie website
marcus: And tell me if its somthing you'd like to see
me: hey it's french
me: it's still loading
marcus: Yes ma'am
marcus: So I understand you're very shy correct?
me: yes
me: the apple trailer is still loading
me: why?
me: i saw lila dit
marcus: Because when you're on the internet, your arent
me: true
marcus: Why is this?
me: writing comes more easily to me than speaking
me: and it's less risky, i guess
me: you can write whatever you want and ignore the written reaction if you don't like it
me: but if you're talking, what you and anyone else says is out
marcus: Hm
me: speaking is more confrontational, i think
me: plus, you have more time to generate an educated response when writing
me: when speaking, you react almost immediately--and you're expected to react immediately
me: in writing, the pressure's off
me: there's no time limit
marcus: My question is more related to what you type
marcus: Because when you type
me: in conversation, if you don't speak for a long while, people move on and stop listening
marcus: You sound much... Uhm
marcus: Confident wouldn't be the word I use
marcus: More...
marcus: Well, horny and proud of it
me: thank you, haha
marcus: Eager
marcus: Its great
me: :D
marcus: So that leads me to ask
me: yes?
marcus: How much of it is pretend? :-P
me: to be honest, i'm not sure anymore, but i've been thinking a lot about it
marcus: So we're on the same page
marcus: How awsome is that?
me: we are
me: very!
me: phew
marcus: Phew?
me: well, i wasn't sure exactly what you were thinking. and from what you say, you're not sure what you're thinking, and neither am i
me: ambiguity
me: i mean, i
me: oops
marcus: ?
me: i've wondered if i will ever even see you again, or if this is the beginning of an fwb relationship or more or what
me: or even what i want
me: i'm a little confused at this point
me: "She doesn't know what she wants!" haha
marcus: Fun!
me: ha
me: which one would you consider fun
me: not saying i have really decided
marcus: Its all fun
me: and i wouldn't be offended if you said fwb
me: you're very open-minded
marcus: We're in the same boat, you and i
marcus: Well here's my take
marcus: While yes I am open minded
marcus: I am also rediculously consious
me: of?
marcus: Feelings, emotions, etc etc
me: i too am conscious--that is to say not presently asleep
me: yes, i have thought about that, and wondered exactly how attatched you are, or if you are even attatched at all
me: and wondered if i wanted attatchment
me: or not
me: and obviously any relationship whether it be friendship or otherwise can go awry
marcus: Yes
me: so there's that risk involved: will i hurt him? will he hurt me? hah
me: this is so unconventional
me: but that's okay
marcus: Un conventional?
me: well, i don't know
me: just this whole conversation, i suppose
marcus: Discussing the relationship before we have any idea if we are going to have one or not?
me: or maybe not so much
me: actually, i'll say it's smart
marcus: Absolutely
me: good thinking, robin
me: (my mom always says that)
marcus: Holy Toledo batman!
me: toledo? ha
marcus: Big O is such a great show
marcus: I'm going to build a giant robot
me: big o is the one you were watching yesterday?
me: with the characters of different races?
marcus: No
marcus: That was Minoriteam
me: ah, of course
me: good title
marcus: Big O is an Anime with one of the best Giant Robots ever
me: O.
me: as in the O face?
me: nevermind
marcus: Oh no
me: i didn't think so
marcus: ... Jump to conclusions mat
me: lock
marcus: Yeah. I'm gonna have to ask you to, go ahead and move your stuff down stairs. We need the storage space, so yeah
me: okay then
me: mmm, what?
marcus: Office Space?
me: oooh, gotcha
me: yeah, i haven't seen it in a long time
marcus: lolz
me: that chick's name was joanna, i remember that
marcus: O. O. O.
me: o_0
me: and the fringe? is that what it was called? you know, the bling stuff they wear at tgi fridays?
me: FLAIR!
me: that's right
marcus: Shinannigans
me: Blanigan's was a fictitious restaurant featured on one episode of That 70s show. it was very amusing
marcus: lolz
me: red and kitty go to a fancy restaurant only to learn that the place was turned into a blanigan's
me: and blanigan's has a salad bar, so...
me: Red: "You want my wife to make her own salad?! This is a restaurant! She can go home and make her own damn salad!"
marcus: Laff
me: Waiter, enthusiastically: "But would she have 8 different Blanigantastic salad dressings to choose from?"
me: well, i've seen half of the trailer, it looks very entertaining
me: the other half is taking too long to load
marcus: It looks great
me: and i eternal sunshine is an awesome film
marcus: Woo!
me: is it bloc party in the background for part of the trailer? i can't tell
me: or maybe the strokes
marcus: Huh?
me: the background music for the trailer--is one of the songs by bloc party or the strokes? it sounds like it might be either
me: isn't life already in 3d?
marcus: lol
marcus: Well yeah..
me: did you see that trailer in the theater tonight
marcus: Yep
me: what are you thinking about
marcus: What to write next.
me: but of course
marcus: One second to explain
marcus: This is an RP that I play
me: rp?
marcus: And it often causes me to have writers block
me: Role Play
me: really?
me: why?
marcus: Because sometimes pretending to have a conversation is harder than actually having one
me: so then is each author a different role, or just another narrarator?
marcus: Both
me: that looks cool
me: so then you're a contributing author to this game
me: or is it considered a game?
marcus: Its a game
me: are you competing for anything?
me: and, have you heard of julia cameron's book called The Artist's Way? i just started with it
marcus: Nope
marcus: Nope
me: it's a 12 week course, but people usually continue with the course's 2 habits--
me: 1 is the morning pages. they're 3 pages that you write longhand when you wake up
marcus: Wait what?
me: the other is the artist's date, which can be anywhere you want, for 1 or 2 hours--the artist's date is a time to escape and just write about whatever is on your mind
me: throughout the course, you keep a journal, which is 3 pages every morning
me: and then once a week you go out on an artist's date. it's like an appointment
me: you can go to the beach, mcdonald's, a coffee shop, a park, your backyard
me: a plane if that's where you are
me: but it's not just for writer's block,
me: all sorts of artists (like actors, painters, etc) follow the course
me: what i meant before was that people who have finished the course usually keep their journals and artist dates even after the twelve weeks have passed, because they find the routine helps them to think more creatively
me: but anyways! that's what's on my news radar at the moment, didn't mean to go on like that
me: are you on deviantart
me: my s/n there is janeane
marcus: Wait
marcus: Was that an excerpt from the book or was it serious
me: that was serious
marcus: And yes
marcus: Its the same as my sn here
me: oh, and i know my photography is probably bad
me: it's because i've never taken a photography course, but i'm going to take one next semester, so i was experimenting
marcus: *poke*
me: *shove*
me: oh, and even though "from one doe to another" is about lesbians, i'm not one
me: but that hardly needs explaining
me: yay! i'm back!
marcus: My love! Thou hast returnest
me: :-D
marcus: I'm amazed
me: by the way you help me sing my song
marcus: Its lawrence freakin fishburn
me: right me when i'm wrong
me: maybe i'm amazed by the way i truly need yooooooooooo
me: who's he?
marcus: Morpheous from the Matrix
marcus: And apparently Cowboy Carl from Peewee's Play House
me: i have twice as many page views as you, nanny nanny boo boo
me: ew, wha...?
marcus: You have 8 times as many things
me: oh
marcus: But I have a flash video
marcus: So yahaha
me: hehe click here guys!
me: *poke*
me: :-*
marcus: Owee!
marcus: Hey
marcus: Go to kiteride's DA
marcus: (Just kiteride)
marcus: Wait
marcus: kite-ride
me: ah, okay
me: because there is no kiteride
me: cool
me: almost 11,000 comments, that's amazing
marcus: Yep
marcus: I'm especially partial to Rush 2++
me: so wait, is it a mini movie?
me: my computer is sooooo slow
marcus: Yes
marcus: It is
me: and then you had a movie too? oops
me: okay i get it
me: i didn't think you could post movies, that's cool
marcus: Yep
me: and i remember being all impressed that people posted their homemade jewelry...haha
marcus: lol
marcus: Very nice with the quasi emo photo btw
me: thanks, do i have on a green shirt and black glasses
me: i don't know where you're seeing this
marcus: Its in scraps
me: right, okay
marcus: Green shirt yes, but you're face is hidden with hair
me: cousin it
me: i would sing the jeopardy song, but you wouldn't be able to hear it :D
marcus: you're never on xanga anymore
marcus: Who is the adams family?
me: da na na na *snap snap*
me: my family is far weirder than any adams family could ever be
me: ha
me: hey, remember that game from a few months ago?
me: where one person says a word or a phrase and the other follows with the first thing that comes to mind?
me: the slam poetry thing, although it wasn't slam poetry at all
marcus: ,l
marcus: Word association?
me: yeah
me: like, Talk: is cheap
me: or Rain: Go away
me: or whatever you happen to think of when you see the word talk or rain
marcus: Uh huh
marcus: Nope
marcus: Don't remember
me: would you like to play
me: i just started thinking about it randomly
me: i think maybe there's some psychological importance to what the instant reaction to a word is
me: for instance, if the first word that came to a person's mind when they heard the word 'stupid' was 'me', one could assume that the person felt unintelligent
marcus: Mmhm
me: have you seen the movie flirting? it was on tv the other day
marcus: Nope
me: it has nicole kidman in it, although she's a supporting actress
me: made in 90 or 91
me: i can't find it anywhere
me: i may just order it off of amazon
me: it's set at a high school (a boarding school) in australia
me: it's sweet, and you can hear the main character's thoughts

- Tuesday, Aug. 01, 2006


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