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flying home

20 days till freedom! i need to put in my 2 weeks notice.

well, i feel like i haven't written in ages. i'm in the airport, tulsa national, or whatever it's called. i'm at gate 55 waiting for my flight, which is late. i bought my very first copy of Rolling Stone Magazine today, so I have something thrilling for the plane ride. i may just write, though.

there is un garcon mignon a few feet away and a second ago. j'ai regarde ce forme et il m'a regarde. cute emo kid? yes. awesome sunglasses? yes. does he love new york? apparently, from his shirt.

i am considering boarding a different plane that would leave here at 8pm and arrive in houston at...11? aie. i don't want to think about driving home at 11. i could do it, but i don't want to...but maybe i would make my life easier going on a nonstop flight...that would mean i get two more thrilling hours sitting here. but in truth, i enjoy airports. i like sitting around watching people.

there's a dude next to me who keeps breathing. i'm breathing too, but his inhaling and exhaling is louder than most. he must snore terribly...

flight left at 6:10
arrival in dallas at 6:55
the flight i should be on after that leaves at 7, but i think i'll just take the next one out.
okay. i've made a decision. i'm staying here...with cute emo kid who doesn't know i exist.
(i'm not still here because of him, but that's a romantic idea).

to catastrophize, i'll say that my flight is one hour and forty minutes late. WOO!

despite the delay, most people here don't seem too frustrated.

i'm thinking about the word 'flight' just now, and truly, 'flight' is the right word for it. i love the word flight, it sounds exactly like it is. flight, Flight, FLIGHT!

i know, i am TRULY inspiring tonight...hehe.

speaking of 'hehe', mr. marcus left me a couple of text messages while i was cellphoneless. he wrote, 'hey, what's going on?' kinds of things both times. i texted him back a while ago. i want to talk to him, perhaps i'll up and call him.

saw The Importance of Being Earnest (i read the play + he had mentioned it to me) recently. i forgot to give Anna my copy of Grizzly Man. i really wanted her to have it, but i was conflicted. it's not the best family movie, and even though she IS 17, her younger brother is 12 and i know he wouldn't be allowed to watch it. i wanted to talk to dad about giving her the dvd, but never got around to it; we were all so busy. he needs to see that film, just like everyone else in the world. it's an especially good film if you're trying to figure out what to do in your life, or what to major in. it made me cry when i first saw it in the theater, but once i bought the dvd i thought it cheesy, and a filmfull of people crying over some dead guy [i would add here "who didn't really accomplish anything!" here, but i don't agree with the statement].

marcus mentioned to me on IM a movie called The Science of Sleep, and asked me if it looked like something i would be interested in seeing. i watched the trailer and it looked amazing...i've watched the whole thing several times now and i've found myself trying to find hidden meanings in the trailer's words. what could they mean? what could he mean? but i am simply girl, that is all, and my analyzations are probably far from the truth.

my batteries go out in eight minutes. catch you later, but on paper.

6:47 pm - sunday, august 06, 2006


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