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here's a post of my cousin jenna's:

"so i was watching "you me and dupree" last night with aimee and alex. great movie. really, really enjoyed myself. totally entertained, not even gonna lie!
but there's this part at the end of the movie, when the guy is going back into the house to claim his wife and all the neighborhood kids and dupree are following him up to the front yard and just standing there in full support of him, watching, silently cheering him on. And it got me thinking, it's like he was going to rescue her. He was putting up a fight against all the odds
coming down in their marriage.

And they weren't even really dramatic problems, it was basically just her father not letting go of her and passive-aggressively terrorizing his newest son-in-law.

i dunno, i guess it got me thinking about how much better the world might be if there really were dragons to save princesses from. I mean, every girl wants to be fought for, and every guy wants to fight for a girl - am i right about that?

but what is there to fight? I think sometimes we almost create our own obstacles to overcome, because otherwise, there wouldn't be much of a fight to win, no real work to be done. I mean, in the USA, you can pretty much marry who ever you want to marry, whenever you want to marry. i guess i just think romance might be a bit more romantic if there were still dragons to kill,
towers to climb and ropes around a railroad track to undo.

of course, even if there were those these days most girls would probably just take care of it themselves with a swiss army knife. i know i would scale down my own tower. totally freaked out and much rather having a prince with better climbing equipment there a bunch of bed sheets tied together, but i'd still do it."

my response to jenna's post, that i didn't publicly post, for fear that it was TOO EMO:

my plan after college is to move away from my parents. like far, faaaaaar away. i think they would be the ones to hinder my potential getting married someday, i don't think i'd want them along (or anywhere near me) while i was courting/marrying someone.

so i'm getting away from them, and in that sense i am already slaying my own dragon. it will already be slaughtered when i meet that ribbon in the sky.


I wonder if anyone has ever married their adopted sibling. Wouldn't that be weird? It would make for an interesting story. I would love to interview a couple with such a fascinating! It's an unlikely situation, but surely somebody's done it, right? Any takers?

And say one of the kids went off to boarding school--or they both went to boarding schools, but separate ones. OR, perhaps their parents divorced, and one kid lived with Mom while the other lived with Dad...if they didn't know each other too well, it seems like a possible outcome. Okay, I know, I'm super weird.


i'm really happy he texted me. i know it's weird, but i'm happy he communicated with me before i tried to contact him tonight. i'm accustomed to talking to him regularly now. it's nice, having someone to just chillax with...hooray! mwah, marcus!


Watching: The Opposite of Sex
Wow. Thank you, kick in the face movie! No, really. Thank you!

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