backyard crowing


fun pillow talk

me: hey! how are you?
marcus: *tackle/hug*
marcus: Great and you?
me: haha
me: doing well, only three more sandwich-making shifts
me: yippee
me: !
marcus: Woo!
marcus: I thought you had three like 3 days ago
me: yep, but it changed
me: i got two days off and then another day added, so the schedule was tweaked
me: which is fine
me: but now it's REALLY three days, hehe
marcus: Aah
marcus: More money
me: true that
me: it's 1:15!
me: good morning
marcus: Good morning
marcus: To you
me: >:o
me: that should be a yawn
me: but it looks so angry!
marcus: Oh dear
marcus: I am scared
me: whatever shall we do?
marcus: Beyond reasonable reason
me: ha! reasonable reason? nice.
me: did you just come up with that?
marcus: I'm tired
me: diiiiiittoooooo
me: ah, back again
me: (got kicked off)
marcus: Ohh
marcus: That explains that
me: the last thing i saw was diiiiiittooooo
marcus: I'm tired
me: diiiiiittoooooo
me: woah, deja vu man
marcus: Of these mother fucking snakes
marcus: On this mother fucking planes
me: are they on a plane?
me: i rented shopgirl
me: have you seen it?
me: i like claire danes and jason schwartz
me: and of course the father of the bride
marcus: No, but I saw Snakes on a Plane
me: :-)
me: and how was that?
marcus: Not a terrible film
me: not terrible...that's not exactly complimentary, but at least it's not puke
marcus: Not worthy of a sequel (snakes in spaaaaaaaaace)
me: hm
marcus: But not terrible either
me: snakes on a shuttle
me: snakes on a train
me: snakes in a suburban
marcus: Snakes on a cruise ship
me: i'm going on a cruise in jan!
me: jamaica and mexico
me: snakes on a camel
marcus: Aw you suck!
me: snakes on a unicycle
me: I know I do!
me: and terribly, terribly well...
me: *cringes at own joke*
me: i'm sorry, that was just awful
me: i think it's time for an ANYWAYS...
me: so, ANYWAYS...
marcus: Oh no, that bad joke is well appreciated
me: heh
me: snakes on a double decker
me: snakes on a hovercraft
marcus: Snakes on a carosel
me: la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa
me: snakes on a subway
me: oooooh, that sounds potentially freaky
marcus: It actually does
me: so was snakes on a plane a horror film? i don't really remember
me: don't really remember the trailers that is, i never saw the film
me: oh, i saw wtc with my dad today
marcus: Its more of a suspence film
marcus: How was that?
marcus: it was certainly sad, which is to be expected. i cried. but i'm glad i went, it's the kind of thing that i feel like i should see because 1. it's history, and the movie is a mix of true stories, and it might give me a (slightly) new take on sept 11 2. because ima be a journalism major 3. wait, what was the third reason, anyway?
me: i know there was a third, but it has taken flight
me: *waves to third reason as it drifts away in an abandoned balloon*
marcus: With snakes?
me: my mother has decided that she won't see it
marcus: On a plane?
marcus: Ooh!
me: huh?
marcus: Snakes on a baloon!
me: snakes on a balloon! but of course!
me: snakes are always on balloons, how could i forget?
me: snakes on a roof
me: snakes on a glass roof
me: neato!
me: snake on a bed ;-)
me: oops, kicked off again
me: i'm a little teacup, here me shout
me: here is my handle, here is my spout
me: when i get all steamed up, i will shout
me: tip me over and pour me out
marcus: I'll pour you out
me: haha!
me: i should have seen that one coming
me: oh no, i just made it worse
me: 'i should have seen that one coming?' oh my dear goodness yes, i just made it worse
me: or...better? hm.
marcus: Oh god...
marcus: Best
me: ANYWAYS...(that word seems appropriate way too often)
me: what are you up to?
marcus: Watching Futurama
me: are you committing zombie homicide?
me: oops no you're watching futurama
marcus: Nope
me: nope?
me: aHAH!
me: LIAR!
marcus: And that's not my newest facination
me: oh?
me: okay then
me: if you insist
me: but i wouldn't blame you if it was
me: i mean, i'm all for ridding the world of the undead
marcus: No, my newest facination is a game called Nexus
me: lexus nexus
me: i've heard that phrase somewhere....i think
me: guess what?
marcus: What?
me: you're fun pillow talk
me: but
me: i'm going to sleep now
marcus: Awww
me: mwah, mr. marcus
marcus: Mwah, ms. janeane
me: :-D
marcus: With some tounge
me: mmm!
me: how lovely
marcus: You have a loverly night, sweetheart
me: you too, mister

- friday, august 18, 2006


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