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\"Yeah, that bad-equilibrium, hyperventilating, unable to form very-coherent-sentences, afraid-to-be-around-people-cause-you're-so-out-of-it feeling is I think kind of like that weak-in-the-knees feeling. I think maybe the weak-in-the-kness thing might be a little bit gender-specific. ;)\"

\"The last realtionship I was in was with a girl with whom I had A+++ sensory-motor 'chemistry' and who was an A++++ maker-outer. We'd make out for like 45 minutes+ and whenever we did that and I stood up, my equilibrium would be all fucked up for a good two or three minutes. It was pretty intense.\"

\"I think \"making out\" might be somewhat agreeably defined as \"kissing long/intensely enough that you pretty much lose track of anything else that's going on around you\" :) mmmm mm goodness!! :)\"

so yeah, i guess that's where my mind is right now.

- Saturday, sept. 09, 2006


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