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back again!

well, i spent almost my whole day updating this thing. i had at least 35 entries or so on my livejournal and needed to transfer them here, where they belong. this is where i keep ALL the dirt. unfortunately, the majority of the last few posts have been about/featuring chats with mr. marcus, who isn't all that interesting anyway, and mere chat records probably don't draw the attention of many readers. i have sworn to myself before to simply stop chatting with him, and never post another chat of ours. they're just too boring for the general public to read. i mean, occasionally we'll say something witty, but he is only a small portion of my life. he just happens to be easy to document, because almost ALL of our interaction is online. (i've only actually met the guy twice in person and a few telephone calls).

i'm thinking he's not really worth my while, and that the only reason i had a sudden urge to date him after i turned him down twice was because...he suddenly became unattainable. because of me! I made him unattainable to myself. i should not have freaked out when he said "love ya." i should have cooed or something. BUT, it's too late now anyway and he works for a bowling alley. he has a texan accent. he's from beaumont. he's...impossible now. i must stop thinking about him. now. he doesn't seem to care a lot of the time, either. moooove on.

anya's dad got back from his monthlong business trip to china, and he visited us today. he came in briefly and i said 'hi', but that was about it. he brought me back a coin purse! how incredibly sweet! wow. i WILL bring anya something awesome back from mexico or jamaica. I CANNOT FORGET. i will be furious with myself if i do. i just looked at the price tag on the purse--22 US dollars. WOW. that is SO generous! i can't wait to pick something out for her.

i wish mom would call me back...i think i need to call her back. why hasn't she called back? is she mad at me? do i dare call back now? yeesh. ugh. yikes. i'm afraid now...i don't know what she'll say. could she be furious? i really don't feel like being yelled at. i hope i do well this semester. doing well requires getting off of the computer first, so that's what i'll do now. sianara, tout le monde!

yours truly, janeane garofalo, back again!

8:54 pm - Saturday, Oct. 07, 2006


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