backyard crowing


i like how he tells me about a party without inviting me

marcus: *poke*
me: *peck*
me: what's up?
marcus: Ow
me: i peck-ed you
me: ha
marcus: Full Metal right now
me: alchemist, cool
marcus: Yus
me: i'm listening to this song
me: called
me: brilliant daze by pat chilla and the beat gorilla
marcus: Hm
me: how's that for a band name?
me: i want to be a beat gorilla
me: wait, maybe i already am :-D
me: after all, we're all just monkeys
me: but monkeys aren't gorillas
me: they're primates, yes--but not gorillas
me: meh.
marcus: That guy Tex, he's really a robot. And he's your boyfriend. That makes you... A gay robot.
me: :-:-(:'(
me: owch!
marcus: Its a line from Red vs. Blue
me: it's funny
me: *something interesting*
me: i just said something interesting
me: "we are the same but different, and it's brilliant."
marcus: Greed is probably my favorite Hommunculus
me: what's a hommunculus?
me: is it like bean dip?
me: :-D
marcus: Its an artificial human with no soul
me: yum!
me: can i eat it?
me: (just kidding)
marcus: lol
me: that sounds delicioius....i mean, um, scary
me: *delicious
marcus: lol
marcus: I may be throwing a "Super Sexy Movie Club Halloween Party"
me: fun
me: you're in a movie club or 'club' just sounds good?
marcus: Yes
me: :-)
me: okay then
marcus: Yes I'm in a Movie Club
me: ah, cool
me: why is it super sexy? lol
me: are you watching horror porn
me: is that even a genre? oh dear
me: there probably is
marcus: Because the Movie Club is Super Sexy
me: ah! of course
me: movie clubs are always super sexy
marcus: Yes
me: haha
me: wow.
marcus: Wow?
me: nothing
me: i had 10 hours of sleep last night!
me: wooo eeee ooooo you look just like buddy holly oh oh or like mary tyler moore
me: *stares at ceiling*
marcus: lol
me: sleep is better with your eyes closed
marcus: Ah
marcus: Anime is so great
me: cool!
me: regina spektor too
me: she is serenading me
me: what are you watching
me: ah
me: alchemist
me: cool
me: ness
me: "didn't even need therapy to rehabilitate my smile"
marcus: No, now its Magister Negi Magi
me: woo
me: sounds nifty
marcus: They're having a contes oh who's going to get to room with the teacher, a 10yr old Magician
marcus: The contest is who has the biggest breasts
me: no wonder anime is so great :-)
me: is stuffing allowed?
me: or is that considered cheating?
me: lol
marcus: No, but the kid did use magic to increase the size of this one chicks boobs
me: not permanently i hope
marcus: They exploded actually
marcus: There's no way I could make this shit up
me: haha!
me: awesome.
me: did they turn out to be filled with pudding?
me: did everyone feast on her (mis)fortune?
marcus: No
marcus: They just exploded
me: so it was bloody, not pudding-y.
me: i see.
marcus: Yes
me: blood and breasts
me: nice
marcus: No blood
marcus: Like I said
marcus: Thus exploded
me: do you ever draw anime?
me: or in general?
marcus: I try, but I fail
marcus: Miserably
me: that's okay
me: *hug
marcus: Yay! *hug
me: i'm horrible at drawing
me: my photojournalism course is turning out to be a really enjoyable activity, though
marcus: Now an Ermine is disrobing several girls
me: sexy!
marcus: Now its talking
me: is ermine a coat?
me: or a rat?
me: is it totally necessary to grow up in every way?
marcus: Its like a ferret
marcus: Hell no!
me: because i don't think it's really possible to be totally adult, even when you're...on your deathbed
me: agreed.
me: Just say "no" to responsibility.
me: jk
marcus: I'll probably pass gas before I die
me: but to a certain extent, that's a good attitude
me: wow...i probably will, too...
me: shit
me: hihii
marcus: Just like
marcus: "Come closer"
marcus: *fart*
me: haha! great.
marcus signed off at 1:07:27 AM.
marcus signed on at 1:07:30 AM.
me: yay!
me: you survived the kickoff!
me: your user pic is cool and or creepy
me: is there a mexican flag on your face?
me: i didn't know you wore glasses
me: four eyes
me: :p
me: of course, i am only assuming that is a picture of you
me: guess what the day after tommorow is?
me: crap, it's tommorow!
me: Woot!
me: i'm going to shower, back in a while
me: oops, i forgot that used to be a thing
me: lol!
marcus: Huh?
marcus: Wha?
me: back!
me: i take really long showers
me: how are you?
marcus: Alright
me: surviving?
me: is that you in your buddy icon?
marcus: Yep
marcus: During the Mexico/Angola game
marcus: World Cup, yo
me: woot
me: did mexico win?
me: where is angola?!
marcus: No
marcus: It was a tie
marcus: Africa
marcus: Its funny to hear someone say somthing as simple as "springfield" in japanese
me: hehe
me: what are you watching now?
marcus: It comes out sprringfeeldu
marcus: Negi Magi
me: do you ever feel like you've gone a whole day without actually looking at anyone?
marcus: Yup
me: today is not really one of those days for me, but they happen sometimes. yay! and, this is not such a revolutionary thought, which is a good thing
me: hair grows even after you're dead
marcus: Oh this is great
marcus: At this point its obvious where the story is heading
marcus: But how we're going to get ther is the problem
me: i would get there by plane
me: planes are fun
me: snakes on a plane aren't, though
me: neither are puppies in the motherfuckin' HOV lane
marcus: I love this concept
me: :-)
marcus: Different Anime
me: do you read anything i write?
marcus: Yes
me: okay. sometimes i wonder
marcus: This guy is being taken away in a car, and this chick is chasing him in a horse carraige
me: da = different anime and deviantart as well
marcus: And they're on a bridge
marcus: She falls out of the carraige and off the bridge and he jumps from the car and catches her
me: sweet
me: what a rescue
marcus: Yup
marcus: Man. Not a cloud in sight...
me: outside right now?
marcus: <-----------------------~~~-------------------- wishes it would rain
me: aw
marcus: Yes
me: yeah rain is great
me: especially for sleep
marcus: Yes
marcus: Yes
marcus: Especially
me: and cool weather to come in and chill us all
me: i'm ready to freeze
marcus: Yes
me: *rubs hands together*
me: *noogie*
marcus: Ow.
me: :-)
me: i sawy.
me: Mahvelous
me: Awesome
me: Ridiculous
me: Curious
me: Unusual
me: Silly
me: better now?
marcus: No, my brain is broken
marcus: Oh. Wait.
me: you don't see the
me: pattern?
me: are you daft? there is no 'd' in your name. so, probably not.
marcus: That's why I hate Jack Thompson
me: I haven't read the entire thing
me: but he wrote this letter
me: and the game he wanted made was already in the making?
marcus: No, there was a game like it already out, but Thompson, being a douche, didn't know
me:'d think if he was so into games and would donate 10k, he would know sthg about them
me: not saying that i know anything about them, but
marcus: He's not into games
marcus: That's the problem
marcus: He's an unrelenting douche bags that would probably condemn his own mother for playing "tetris"
me: what is so bad about tetris?
marcus: There is nothing bad, he's a douche
me: is it like listening to backstreet boys?
marcus: What?
marcus: Your missing the point
me: does he just want people to think he's crazy into videogames?
me: that seems like the exact opposite of most people, lol
marcus: No, he wants to control the videogame industry
marcus: In a bad way
me: oh
marcus: Like banning all violent and therefore interesting material
me: will he make really violent games
me: ah, gotcha
me: like censorship
me: that sucks
me: do you think he's rich enough to take over?
marcus: No
marcus: He's an idiot
marcus: There's no way he or anyone else can get away with it, a la the first ammendment
me: Yeah!
me: Excellent
me: oh wow
me: haha
me: i just finished reading the plot of the video game
me: how funny
me: and paranoid
me: it's like a.....gross parody......and yeah, totally paranoid.....
me: i don't really think violent games are that big of a problem
me: i mean, i don't think they cause Columbines
me: not really
marcus: No
marcus: They really dont
marcus: Its just a scape goat
marcus: Elvis didn't cause girls to become sexual predators did he?
marcus: Harry Potter doesn't make me want to join the Occult
me: haha!
me: nope.
me: me neither!
me: what a coincidence!
marcus: Watching Fast and the Furious doesn't make me want to tear down I-35
marcus: Though it does make me feel a bit queer, that's why I don't
me: the movie or driving that fast?
marcus: The movie
me: ah
me: i have not seen it
me: people are smarter than the entertainment
me: the stuff on their screens
marcus: And jack thompson
me: it's insulting to think otherwise
me: ha
me: yes.
me: i cant believe it's 3am
me: let it snow
me: i think it's time to drift off now
me: *hug*
me: goodnight, mr.


marcus: What it is?
me: What is it?
me: *hug
me: how is marcus?
marcus: Marcus is fine, watching Scrubs
me: coolio
me: i am looking at
me: it's hilarious
me: have you heard of it
marcus: Nope
me: it's basically a site where women can post pictures and descriptions of schmucks
marcus: Colin Farrel is in this episode
me: so that they don't screw other women over
me: ah, colin farrell
marcus: He's hillarious
me: yep
me: and so strange
me: you have absolutely no idea what will come out of his mouth
marcus: I don't know what's going to come out, and when it does I can't understand
me: you must be pretty tired then :-)
marcus: Not really
marcus: God, Christina Miller is hot
me: if she married you, she wouldn't even have to change her last name
marcus: Yeah
me: who is christina
me: g2g
me: bye bye

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