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people are just people

I have heard feedback from men about how they would be thrilled if a woman were to make the first move. Yet at the same time, women who pursue men often are the same ones who are discarded by them. This leads me to believe that perhaps a man's desire to have a woman going after him is essentially his desire of sex, or his desire of being desired. So, it seems that we women should not go after the apples of our eyes, because then we will surely not 'succeed.'

Meh--only my ramblings du jour.

I'm looking out the window at the bright lights, and I love this city, confusing or not. Such is the beauty of life!


"People are just people, they shouldn't make you nervous
The world is everlasting, it's coming and it's going
If you kiss somebody, then both of you get practice
People are just people
People are just people
People are just people like you."
-Regina Spektor


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8:32 pm - tuesday, sept. 12, 2006


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