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at the dinner table

poets northwest is a small poetry organization in houston, and i went to one of their meetings. one of the poem prompts was simply: "At the dinner table."

At the dinner table sit two people,
My mother and I.
Grandparents live states away,
All uncles and aunts remain far today,
Such a rare occasion it is--
We swallow, consume the food hastily
We need no words
Our minds buzz.
Homemade Egg McMuffins, that's our specialty.
Must we speak?
Must we break the silence? No.
Communication is for losers who care.


part of the meeting consisted of the leader giving us a haiku, and telling us to pick out our favorite line in the haiku. she said to take that line and elaborate on it, making our own poem. here was the haiku:

If only time ran backwards
Summer was too short
He broke my heart

...and here was my rendition, from the phrase "he broke my heart":

He broke my heart
On Saturday
A lazy day
A rainy day

He broke my heart
In coffeeshops
In empty streets
In parking lots

He broke my heart
In every way
In every time
In every place

He broke my heart
On Saturday,
I didn't need
Him anyway

- Saturday, august 12, 2006


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