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more mr. marcus

me: hey dude
me: booooo
me: >:owhere art thou?
me: *sniff
marcus: You know
marcus: We've got to stop meeting like this :-P
me: haha
me: how art thou?
marcus: Worried
me: what's wrong?
marcus: History test on the morrow, and I'm unconfident in my knowlege
me: oh no, well good luck
marcus: Thank'ee
me: is it your first his test of the semester?
marcus: Si
me: bonne chance
me: *hug*
marcus: Yay hugs!
marcus: *hug*
me: yaya
marcus: Fortunately for me, I've got a while to look over notes, my class isn't till 1:25 tomarrow afternoon
me: well that's good
marcus: Yes
me: but don't let me keep you up if you feel you should be studying
marcus: And on top of that, my pasty white ass is off of work tomarrow
me: good then
marcus: Yes
me: dos es gut
me: im so tired
marcus: I think it "das"
me: das, cool
marcus: Why are you awake then, silly bear?
me: i would ask you to carry me home but i'm already there
me: bah
me: late night at the travesty
marcus: Ah
me: but it's a fun group
marcus: Yeah, it was 12:50 when I got off work
me: and i think my "Free Castration" thing might be included
me: oh see, that was only a couple of hours ago
me: you're still in 'you' time
marcus: 'Me' time?
me: if that makes sense
me: yeah
marcus: Obviously not
me: or often i'm like that...i get home and i just need some privacy after a long day, an hour or so is usually about right
marcus: Ah
me: (then again, some people's 'me' time is only 30 min. or so)
me: but as an only child, i'm accustomed to a lot of solitude
marcus: That's when I watched scrubs, arrested development, and FMA
me: i enjoy it
me: you time can be spent however you want
marcus: Then I read history
me: aka not you time
marcus: Sometimes I sit infront of my computer ja-
marcus: ...
me: ja?
marcus: ...
marcus: *cough*
me: um?
me: OH
me: okay then
me: That would be you time.
me: hehe ;-)
marcus: Unless you wanted to help
me: *shakes head and grins* it never gets old
marcus: Wuzzat?
me: the funky innuendo
marcus: Course not
marcus: ...
marcus: In-YOUR-endo
me: .... . . . .. .... ... .. ....
me: hAH!
me: (that was dottish, btw, and i'm fluent)
me: gun pun
me: *good pun
me: i almost just fell asleep on you
marcus: *cops a feel*
me: i would so wake up!
marcus: I bet not
me: oh? or would i turn into meg ryan in french kiss and make love to you whilst sleeping?
me: sleepfucking
marcus: ... Yes.
me: weeeeeird
marcus: Yes you would.
me: haha :-)
me: have you ever copped a feel with a sleeping girl?
marcus: Yep
me: really?!
me: where? did she wake up?
marcus: Sleep over at a friends house, nope
me: do you mind me asking?
me: no, i mean where on her...
me: if you don't mind me asking
marcus: Oh, her boobs
me: ha
me: can't....stay....awake......
marcus: Then by all means
marcus: Don't stay awake on my behalf
marcus: That's just silly
me: oh,i'm not
me: but thanks
me: *hug*
marcus: -I take it back. We can definately pick up chicks in a tank. Maybe two or three a piece!-What would you do with two or three chicks?-Dude. Chicks are like Voltron: the more you hook up with, the better it gets!
marcus: *hug!*
me: in a tank? tank that you ride in? i don't think i'm impressed with either one of those types of dudes.
me: woo
marcus: Its a set of lines from an internet show called Red vs Blue
marcus: Hillarious
marcus: The red team was getting a jeep, so one of the blue team guys got upset because they couldn't pick up chicks
me: goodnight, mr. marcus
marcus: Then they got the tank and one of the Blue guys says "you know what? I could blow up the whole god damn world with this."
marcus: Goodnight, Ms. Janeane
me: *hug*
me: sorry, i'm very affectionate tonight
marcus: I don't mind
marcus: *hug/squeeze*

- thursday, sept. 21, 2006


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