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that word lovely

marcus: I never said she was a \"cunt,\" I said she was \"cunty.\"
me: wha?
me: ummm
me: was that msg meant for me
me: or am i having a sleep deprivation induced blackout like never before?
marcus: Yes, its just something random that just popped into my head, and I've been saying to everyone
me: interesting
me: so she's not a cunt, but like one
marcus: Your just my latest victim. Revel.
me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
me: hehe
me: i'm basking in the opportunity
me: i'll tell you one i've been rolling around in my head:
me: it's a fake ad
me: *ahem*
marcus: \"I love my [email protected] internet service\"
me: FREE CASTRATION! Act now, or forever hold your penis!
marcus: I'll take the latter
marcus: Need a divorce lawyer, call 1-800-freedom
marcus: No really
me: i thought it was funny, and came up with it after i heard some random dude say \"act now\"
marcus: Its way to stupid for me to make up
me: haha!
me: that's awesome
me: so true
marcus: Its actually on a couple billboards in Houston
me: really? i don't think i've seen them
marcus: And in San Antonio there's one for \"cosmetic gynocology\"
marcus: THAT'S classic
me: wait, your what? [email protected]? as in [email protected]?
marcus: Yes
me: ah, but is it Classic Turner Movies?
marcus: That's the joke @=at I love [email protected]
me: i thought only girls had twats
me: :-D
marcus: You said twat.
me: ah! i gotcha. @ = at
me: so [email protected] = twat
me: i was saying twaat
marcus: Tah-dah!
me: Booyaka!
marcus: Ooh
me: twaaaaaaat
me: sound it out boys and girls
me: The page cannot be displayed, bitch.
marcus: Penises... Vagina.... Buuuuttsex.
me: nice.
marcus: Hm
marcus: Oh well
marcus: We still have no AC
me: boo
marcus: Thank GOD that front came through
me: Yeah!!!!!!!
marcus: Otherwise me, double a, and boozer would be cooking
me: what is double a and boozer?
me: or, who?
me: i have to write a paper toniiiiight
me: and sleep, too
me: i haven't gotten enough of that lately
me: i have caffeine on hand but there comes a time when no amount of caffeine can help
me: and we are but zombies
me: i am nearing zombification
me: it's awesome
me: it is TEH awesome
me: bitch
marcus: Doubl A is my roomate, boozer is his ferret
me: does he lick double a batteriers
me: and does the ferret foster a fondness for alcohol
marcus: Wow, I leave for a minute to feed the fish, and almost lose you on your own tangent
me: hehehehehehehe
me: my mind moves quickly
marcus: Is name is Aaron, hence Double A
me: you have to keep up ;-)
marcus: Or maybe very slowly
me: maybe
marcus: And your fingers just type random things based on word association
me: yes, yes they do
marcus: [email protected]
me: but it keeps the conversation moving
me: Penis
marcus: Yes. I have one. Would you care to inspect it?
me: la la la l al al al lajsdlfajpthjepne
me: kthx
me: haha
marcus: Did you just crash?
me: what?
me: why yes
me: and i burned, too
me: no, the jibber jabber was just me being hyper
marcus: Burner...
me: i'll burn YOU
me: burn baby, burn
marcus: Ooh, I hope so :-P
me: that's DEVIL'S MUSIC
me: wave your hands in the air like ya just don' care!
marcus: Well hey
me: hey what?
me: what's up
marcus: As much as I'd love to keep this con... Hm. As much as I'd like to keep tal... As much as I'd like to keep this word box open
marcus: I'm about to crash
me: okie dokie
marcus: Long day
marcus: So I will talk to you later, ms. Lovely
me: saccharine dreams to you, moonlighter
marcus: hugs and gropes! ;-)
me: haha!

Does he realize I never get called lovely by anybody but him? Does he realize names like that might only get us into trouble/bliss? Last night ‘lovely’ was the word that got me going…and though it’s complimentary rather than sexy, I had never been called such a word before.

- wednesday, sept. 20, 2006


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