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I run somewhat late like my father, but I hate being late with the intensity of my mother. I'm hard on myself like my mother, but I have my father's ability to remain calm and not lose my temper. I like to eat, like both my parents, but it looks like I (fortunately) have my father's metabolism, which isn't great, but it's better than mom's. I gain weight on my stomach like my father, rather than on my butt like my mom. I have my mother's love of reading and writing, and her intense hatred of math. I have my dad's scatterbrainedness, and his tendency to stay up late and procrastinate. I have a passion for music, which comes from both of them. I have my mother's stubbornness, but not her anger. I have her quietness, but an evil passive aggressiveness all of my own. I have my father's want to take on many projects at once, but also my mother's sanity to not try to do everything, or else the important things fall apart.

I have my own sheer determination. It's mine. It didn't come from anybody, it is my own invention.


Sometimes I feel like I wish I had something dramatic to say, like "My mom died" or "My best friend has AIDS"--you know, so I could 'faint', so to speak. Stuff like that is always a good excuse for feeling an unpopular feeling.

10:13 am - friday, sept. 01, 2006


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