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me: are you still kicking mr. marcus?
marcus: Unfortunately, my alarm is set to go off at seven
me: me too, actually
me: to finish my photo project
marcus: How do you spot the jewish pedofile?
me: hmmm......
me: i do not know
marcus: He's the one who says 'hey kid, easy on the candy'
me: hm. aie, i don't get it
marcus: Eh
me: why does candy have to do with it?
marcus: Pedofile
me: eh
me: pedofile?
marcus: You know, 'I got candy in my car, little boy'
me: AH! okay, gotcha!
me: haha
me: awesome
marcus: Yes
me: did you make it up or see it somewhere?
marcus: Friend told me
me: you know, i calculated about six months or so between going to metro and today
me: that's wild
marcus: Huh
me: it was april or so, no?
me: lol, what does 'huh' mean?
marcus: I think so yesh
me: kewl
me: you shink sho?
marcus: Yesh
me: yesh i shink sho too
me: where did you get your hat?
marcus: Hottopic in beaumont
marcus: Around a year ago, methinks
me: fun
me: is it kind of your signature hat?
marcus: Its my favorite (only) one
me: cool
me: are you feeling pretty psyched about the gov't. test?
marcus: Psyched wouldn't be the word
marcus: Indifferent
marcus: There ya go
me: i know i am
me: ha
me: meh
me: a test
me: *shrug*
me: *hug*
marcus: *hug*
marcus: Sleepy time
me: yep it is
marcus: Nighty night
me: goodnight mr.

- monday, sept. 25, 2006


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