backyard crowing



me: look who's still up
marcus: Yeah, well
me: well?
marcus: Tivo'd anime called to me
me: i don't have work until noon, yay!
marcus: It was a FLCL marathon yesterday
marcus: WOO!
me: "Maaaarcuuuuus!"
me: flcl is anime then
marcus: "Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaneaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnne!"
me: "Yeeeees?"
me: hehe
marcus: Fooly Cooly
marcus: The best ever
marcus: Though its remarkably rediculous
marcus: Ok, maybe not "best ever
me: but quite good
marcus: Cause there still is Full Metal Alchemist
me: i thought that was a movie
me: or maybe it is, just an anime movie
marcus: No, they're making one though
me: cool cool
me: i can't wait to get out of here!
me: are you looking forward to school?
marcus: Yes
me: but you'll have a job and school to do
marcus: Somthing to make me feel less useles
marcus: Useless*
me: oh no, you feel useless?
marcus: All the time
me: is it because at the restaurant you do things that don't require much brain activity (like serving drinks, etc)?
marcus: No, its because I hardly do anything outside of work
marcus: Sleep
marcus: That's about it
me: that sounds good right now
me: like, really awesome
marcus: So does cuddling
me: yes!
me: are guys really ever content to just cuddle? i mean, do you think they ever get the urge to just get close without doing anything really? or does that not exist? i mean, i know they humor their significant others with cuddling, but do they get anything out of it?
marcus: I likes it
marcus: Sex in any form isn't important
me: even if you were like married you still think you'd like it
me: well that's good
me: girls really like the cuddling thing, or that's how i understand it anyways
me: *nuzzle nuzzle*
marcus: *cuddle cuddle*
me: *peck peck*
me: everything comes in twos
me: *lick lick*
marcus: *ow ow*
me: ow?
me: awww, am i hurting you?
me: *pat pat*
me: there, there
marcus: You peck-ed me
marcus: But the licking is nice
me: yes it is
me: but pecking is sweet
marcus: *lick lick*
me: not dangerous
me: mmm...
marcus: *rub rub*
marcus: *nibble nibble*
marcus: *blink blink* allo?
marcus: They do an awsome reference to Crystal Pepsi in this episode
marcus: Its hillarious

- monday, august 07, 2006


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