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I Will (a poem)

nothing is absolute. there is an exception to every conjecture and theory.

excepting the existence of God, of course. this is my belief.


"I look forward to a good cry. Feels pretty good." - Garden State

ALL of Garden State is on YouTube. I took advantage. (Also, City of Angels and Kissing Jessica Stein!)


a poem i wrote after hearing via AIM that he was drunk--

I Will

minutes before dawn
i know where you are
your breath, alcohol heavy

i long to kiss your tainted, forbidden lips
ease you into comfortable, unshakable, dreamstates
lay within your warm, human, induced arms
shiver against your chest
feel our skin glued together

close my eyes and pass into bliss on your shoulder
breathe in your vodka
letting it intoxicate me just as badly
i know i confused you
can i reseduce you?
i cannot dare.

with you there and i here,
that, my dear
is how we shall always remain
the leftover pain
fading slowly away

maybe i'll see him someday
view him past a windowpane,
or from the inside of one;
perhaps he'll take a subway car,
the one across from mine
either way,
at bay he'll stay
just looking from afar

i will stare
i will wonder
i will hope
i will falter
i will desire
what once desired me

i will


me: hey dude
marcus: Totally been drinoi
marcus: Wow
me: drinoi?
marcus: Ok
me: drinking?
marcus: Totally been drinking
me: ah!
me: fun
me: are you having it?
marcus: Damn you Hip Top for placing the "del" key so close to the enter key!
me: well well well
marcus: No, I'm actually about to pass out, cause I have work at 12
me: you ungrateful sonovabitch!
me: j/k
me: boo.
me: *smooch and hug*
marcus: Yay! *hug*
marcus: Wow, in no context would 'ungrateful' make sense, drunk or not
marcus: Anyway, pass out timw
marcus: Time is now
me: ungrateful that you have a hiptop at all?
me: the walrus said
marcus: ...
marcus: What?
marcus: No
marcus: Nevermind
me: ("the walrus said" is from a goes "the time is now, the walrus said"
marcus: Goodnight
me: to talk of many things, cabbages and kings, etc
marcus: I'll talk to you when I'm sober
me: :-(
me: okay
marcus: Nighty night
me: night night
marcus: *sober-ish*
marcus is away at 4:46:11 AM.


me: hey dude
marcus: Herro
me: how're you?
marcus: Good, you?
me: gooood. i had two tests today (my first two of the whole year) and i feel fairly good about thme
me: i downloaded a newer version of itunes
me: an update
marcus: Woo
me: now the little favicon is a blue note instead of a green one
me: yep
me: pretty nifty
marcus: I made a 91 on my government test and an 83 on my history test
me: Awesome! way to go!
me: *claps*
marcus: Yup
marcus: But a 76 on my speech test
marcus: Which makes NO sense
me: really?
me: what were the requirements for that test?
me: yeah, that does seem odd
me: but it's only a c, that's not really that bad
me: do you have a certain gpa requirement?
me: i've been watching clarissa explains it all on youtube
marcus: Huh?
me: clarissa was a really old tv show on nickolodeon
me: and i loved her
marcus: Ah
me: now she is laughable, but i see why i liked her
me: she figured stuff out by herself, without the help of her parents, very independent
me: anywho...
me: :-)
me: *falls asleep*
me: clunk
me: i'm out
marcus: Nighty night
me: goodnight

- sunday, Oct. 01, 2006


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