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flirting arrives in the mail

i'm trying to think of what to write. today my copy of the movie flirting came in the mail, i finally ordered it off of amazon. i watched it for the second time today, the first time was on the television. i was engrossed in the love story then, i know now not why i cherished it so. i still find humor and a comforting line or two throughout the film, but it is not nearly as beautiful as i remember. i guess there's a first time for everything, and it trumps all others.

i still find the main character, noah taylor, completely adorable. i still identify embarassingly to their trials and worries. i am their age, with regards to men. they experiment and think that in their experimenting they are promiscuous. truly they have not crossed many lines, though their society says so. their leaders, the teachers and principal, hover over them with little mercy, and they are left dreaming and reaching for connection to happiness and each other. they rebel; their rebellion is minor yet satisfactory for their purposes. they are...growing up, we shall say.

i feel i have missed this part of my adolescence. i think i mind.

but what is there to do? how do you recover lost time? am i really so odd? is this a valid 'predicament'? what is running through my neighbor's mind when i see him in the laundry room?

are men and women really so different? i would like to think not.

as i reread this entry, i realize that much like blind lemon jefferson, i am writing encoded lyrics. these words are pure drivel, incomprehensible, and no one i know might understand them. marcus, quite perhaps, but he hasn't seen the movie. it's a chick flick anyway.

some Gods don't want you to have any fun. do i worship an unfun God? is that what i've decided to do? or am i no different than the next girl, and blind to this fact?

i have evidence to the contrary, proof of my abnormality, understand. perhaps i'm idealistic in thinking my history typical. i don't particularly know what i'm reaching for at this point, other than a career in journalism. a smile, maybe. smiles are always worth reaching for.


marcus: Hello
me: hey what's up
marcus: Noshink, joo?
me: Nuffink much eyethuh
me: hehe
marcus: You say eyether ranther than eether?
me: eye shay bowth
me: y tu?
marcus: Eye shink eye shay bowf, doo
me: eyethuh ees uh leetle moar hoytie toytie
me: methinks
marcus: I shee
me: poysonally
me: dis ees soe deefeecuhlt
marcus: Eyem goink doo go shee the bloo mang growp en oktobre
me: sweet!
marcus: Ishn'dit
me: eye shaw dem on der teelyveeshunn
me: you whatted it?
marcus: Day rawk. Herd.
me: HA
marcus: (Isn't it)
me: ah! gotcha
marcus: Yay
me: fownetticks ees show foon!
marcus: Geez there's a lot of people running across the road tonight
me: vhear arr joo?
marcus: Drifink whome phrum Pluckers
me: kneyez
marcus: bean oot wif c'erkers
me: been out with the workers?
me: oar suffink ellz?
marcus: Ish veerd do. Dee dird shoot eye deed cleerd oop de firsh doo
marcus: (Co-workers)
marcus: Ok... Ok... I'm done... No... More...
me: It's weird though. the third shoot i did clear up the first though?
marcus: The third shot cleared up the first two
marcus: I guess I should have said tew
me: shot of alcohol?
me: i'm still lost
me: ha
marcus: Yes, I did two red snappers and a mind eraser
marcus: What's in them? No clue.
marcus: They were good though
me: snapper is a fish, and a mind eraser is alcohol?
me: or maybe nevermind...
me: suffice to say, you ate at pluckers, lol
marcus: Mixed drinks dear
marcus: Yes
me: and you're driving home now?
me: and talking to me, too?
marcus: Unfortunately, I drank two huge glasses of water, and now I've got to pee
marcus: Of course
marcus: That's how I do most of the time
me: does that counter the alcohol enough?
marcus: That, the fries, and the fried pickles
marcus: I'm good, don't worry
marcus: Besides I'm almost home
me: goood
marcus: The past three lines I typed without looking
me: fried pickles? *cringe*
marcus: So there ya go
marcus: How's your mom, she was in today right?
marcus: That's what I said
me: yeah! and so was my aunt and grandmother! i hadn't seen my aunt in three years (she's the one that lives in hawaii)
marcus: But damn
marcus: They're good
marcus: Ooh!
me: i was expecting only my mom to come up, so it was ubercool to see them, too
marcus: Yay janeane and her kickass family!
me: yay indeed! haha
me: twas nice to visit, even though it was briedf
me: brief
me: it was bried, too, i guess
me: what a weekend
me: so how did you get alcohol? your bro?
me: haha, i'm an internet narc!
me: Awesome.
marcus: No
marcus: I was just with guys whore regulars there, ordered drinks and got em
me: no carding?
me: sleep is the shiznit
me: all the cool kids are doing it
me: who_are
marcus: ...
marcus: What?
me: you typed whore
me: i was correcting you
me: nazigrammarbitch
me: yes indeedy
me: it's 2:30 in the morning
me: woohoo!
marcus: ...
marcus: Wow
marcus: I typed whore
me: oops
me: Marcus, you've been a very bad boy (sorry, it was there...)
me: okay, time for a nice ANYWAYS....
marcus: I hope I have been. Punish me
me: you have no userpic, do you?
me: joosirrpick
me: the band muse is so freaking amazing, have you heard them?
marcus: Yes
marcus: I dunno
marcus: I like radiohead better personally
me: i haven't heard radiohead, but i've heard good things about them
me: and that they're similar to muse
me: bambi is a cinematic masterpiece.
me: that was random and fun to type
marcus: *poke* yahahahaha!
me: poke?
me: *shove*
marcus: Shove?
marcus: *grope*
me: uh oh
me: are we doing this again?
marcus: What? That the only thing I could come up with that could get my action across
marcus: *pinch* wouldn't convey the right message
me: what? okay, diagram 1: you poked. diagram 2: i shoved, because poking and shoving are two words that go together--they're considered mean, not necessarily sexual diargram three: *pinch* okay, pinching means only one thing
me: unless it's st. patty's day
me: i should be a lawyer
marcus: Mmm... St. Patty's Day...
me: NOT
me: what about st patty's day?
marcus: I dunno
me: me neither
marcus: Megaman is fun
me: that's a videogame, right?
me: i think i've played it
marcus: Yes
marcus: Old as hell, has at least 5 different series
me: well hell is pretty damn old
marcus: Yes
me: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
me: i'm going to bed
me: goodnight
marcus: Nighty nigh
me: *hug*

3:46 pm - monday, sept. 18, 2006


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