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tu me manques

dear marcus,

i miss you. it's late (or early) on a sunday night. i know i never really kissed you before, but i'd like to now. i'm lonely, i'm horny, i'm tired, and i need just to feel like there's someone there for me, all the time, no matter the hour. i just want to crawl into your lap and feel your warmth. i don't think i've even ever touched you. i drove you away for primarily superficial reasons, and now part of me wishes i hadn't. i know you would protect me. i know you wouldn't look at me and cringe, or wish i was thinner, because you're not particularly thin, either. i think you would take care of me, if i wanted you to.

but maybe i'm exaggerating our bond.

3:28 am - monday, sept. 11, 2006


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