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wow, and a relevant quote at the end! and it's awesome. grrr...why do i want to change myself every time i meet a guy that i like? why do i suddenly want to become like him? what makes me so flexible as to who i am? why ? this will be a PRIVATE post. go figure. i had thought surely i could come up with something witty and impersonal, but no. no, today like many other days i have only secret things to say.

i'm the most fickle girl i know.

other than that, i bumped into jessica aynapudi, my old band buddy on the drag whilst trying to complete my photography project. she let me photograph her, and even hugged me. the last time i hugged someone was my mom, when she visited two weeks ago. i really think affection is beautiful, but i only long for it sometimes. like when i'm trying to go to sleep, for example.

i think i like jeffrey. he's in my photography class, and he has a xanga, too. he's also in my discussion section, which is a plus. i ran into him in tops (that's where i get my slides developed) today, and then an hour later after the my processing was finished, i sat outside looking at them. i can never wait to see my results it seems. he came walking down the street and asked me, "have you been sitting outside the whole time?" i told him of my eagerness, and i said i'd see him later. later was about fifteen minutes later, as i found myself walking past the HRH above ground, opposite him, who walked on a lower level near the street. i laughed. he must have thought i was stalking him. i didn't even try to explain myself, or tell him i wasn't following him. oh well. he lives in brackenridge, and he said he lived on my floor last year. oh, and i found him on facebook! this was the guy i was referring to before...i was frustrated i couldn't locate the guy.

the first time i noticed him was my first day in photo lab. he stared at my chest as i walked in, and only for a moment. i...uh...enjoyed it. :)

anyhow, we'll see what becomes of this. hopefully something meaningful and romantic.

other than that, when i did my photography project yesterday i shot a guy sitting with his guitar on the side of the street. he said some things i could not hear (even being within four feet of him) and so i simply asked, "Where are you from?" his hometown i could not make out either, so i started to photograph him. after i was done he inquired, "Are you sure you don't want to hang out later? I'll play you a song..." i declined, though it was a good photography opportunity. he had commented on my legs, and said they looked nice. i was wearing shorts, and sat cross-legged on the pavement next to him. these were my navy blue wind shorts, the ones i used during marching season. i rarely wear these out...i rarely wear shorts out, unless it's godawful hot outside. i'm happy for the compliment, and i know my legs aren't too great. but i wasn't about to go hang out with him.

the funny thing is that had i not worn those shorts, i might have agreed to hang out with him. but had i not worn those shorts, he might not have ever asked me out. ah, the weirdness of it all!

he had yellow teeth and smoked a cigarette. his guitar bore stickers across the front. he had blonde hair, blue eyes, a thin frame, and a happy disposition. at the end of my photography mission, as i was walking back home, i saw a man walking on the opposite side of the street from me. he looked just like david. i could have sworn it was david. but no. as i gazed on longer, it was this guitar player. luckily, he did not see me and yell across. i would have had to turn him down again.

"A coincidence that you looked like her from afar..." - New Found Glory

11:03 pm - Monday, Oct. 09, 2006


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