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I went on a quitting spree!

i realize that that this entry may be total crap (as usual) because i have nothing really important to say. perhaps if i type long enough, i will come up with something substantial.

i'm listening to The Band's song "The Weight." it's in the background of the trailer for the film Girl, Interrupted, which I have yet to see. it's in the audio visual library, and i tried to fetch it the other night, but the place was closed. agh! hopefully i'll see it sometime, but with school, i don't know.

i really should be doing homework right now. the internet is so addictive...way, WAY too addictive...

things i could quit:
-Consumating (hey now, don't knock it till ya try it)

I'm so torn. The first three aren't too important to my well-being, but if you're not on Facebook in college, it's almost as if you don't exist. It would be relatively easy to drop the first four, but Facebook? It would be like I had died or something.

UPDATE: I took the plunge with Consumating. I DELETED my Consumating profile. Go me! Shut up.

UPDATE: I deleted my LiveJournal. Perhaps I'll switch to that and then delete this someday, we'll see. LJ has many benefits that DL fails to provide.

UPDATE: I did it...I actually deleted my Xanga. I figure with my Xanga linked to my facebook notes, there's really no reason for a Xanga anymore. Sure, there are some down sides to deleting the Xanga...but it's one more addiction I can stay away from. I find it funny that the friends who insisted I get a Xanga are the same ones who rarely update anymore.

UPDATE: My MySpace profile will no longer be available in 48 hours. I am free!


I'm actually quite proud of myself today. I am taking steps in the right direction.


11:57 pm - wednesday, Oct. 11, 2006


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