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late nights

it's late nights like these that make me wish i was with marcus. ugh. i know he doesn't really care about me, but i want him anyway. why? i wonder if he'll notice when i'm gone, or if he even realizes that i'm a bit mad at and about him. i wonder if he gives a flip. i doubt it. once again, i have put my time and energies into a boy who strikes out. i am would love a winning game. or at least to first base? please?

okay. i think part of the reason i may not have made out before is because...

i've never seen the beforehand implications. i don't think i've ever actually SEEN two people initiate a makeout session. sure, on television and in movies it happens all the time, but they're actors. they're supposed to be amazing lovers and maker-outers and all that shit.


i wrote this poem-y blah last night as i was falling asleep and listening to "The Weight" by a band called The Band:

you are the song i just can't keep from playing
notes i hum
taps i drum

you are my hands
clapping along
you are the spirit
strength of this song

you are the beats
you are the tune
you are smiles
you are the tears

you crescendo
you explode
you die down
you sing low

you are the joy
you are the wounds
you are the noise
you are the sound

- friday, Oct. 13, 2006


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