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COM School

God is so good to me!

I found out yesterday LOADS of information about entrance to the college of communications that I didn't know before. I need:

-A letter of reccomendation
-At least one essay, and up to 4
-A resume
-Attendance at a mtg. either Tues. or Wed.

And all this by Oct. 31. I can do it!

The only reason I didn't know until now is because I hadn't checked the website and Anya clued me in by saying, "You should check out the Communication College's entrance stuff--OCTOBER is the big month for that." She applied last year and didn't make it.

I'm really glad mom is not furious with me for having not known about this stuff earlier. And she believes I can do it, at least she seems pretty confident in me. I'm happy she's not freaking out, so happy...

11:00 pm - Sunday, Oct. 15, 2006


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