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beatles and smiling....

My how things can change in a day! Today Jeffrey and I went to get bubble tea at Coco's after photojournalism, and it was date-ish although I paid, and it was fun. We talked for two hours. We're going to go mini golfing on Saturday! I'm so excited! This is my first date since...well, since Marcus. And that was in April! And not much fun!

I want to give a hearty thank you to bassclargrrl, who left me a sweet comment yesterday when I was feeling low about my love life. Things are so peachy right now, and thank you.

I'm afraid if I write about him too much, I'll jinx it. He's a nice guy, 21, a cap student from ut arlington, and he has one brother. his parents are both journalists, and his dad talked him out of doing journalism. dad works for the dallas morning post, apparently.

I've been singing to the Beatles and smiling tonight. It's nice, not caring about what Marcus is up to.

I feel really blessed and excited. I think this is the first time a guy who I already like has asked me out. Well, except for maybe Adam. Goodnight.

1:34 am - Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006


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