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so my roomie anya comes back tommorow, which means that i can't lounge around naked in our dorm room anymore for a while. i wonder if she'll ever go home for a weekend, and leave me to my own devices again. it's a nice change of pace, and very handy for experimentation in making outs with my NOW BOYFRIEND! yes, you heard me. for the first time, yours truly is "in a relationship," according to the infinite wisdom of facebook, herself, and a guy. how exciting!

i don't know if he realizes how much i like him. he keeps saying he likes me, and i say i like him back. now i usually chuckle a little after my reply, because i've heard it so many times. but i enjoy hearing it! i hope he doesn't get tired of saying it.

we went mini golfing today, and i lost horribly, but it was fun anyhow. well, somewhat. i was glad to be done with it, as i was in jeans and a 3/4 length shirt. so it was extra hot. he paid, as they didn't accept debit, only cash. i don't know if i officially thanked him or not.

one thing i can appreciate about him is the fact that his mother WORKS, unlike robson's mom did. that makes me very happy...i like to see a guy who has grown up with a working mother, because that's what i want to be, and if you're not raised that way, sometimes you aren't as accepting of it. the fact that his parents are both journalists is not necessary, but definitely a plus. i wonder if i'll marry him someday...what a reference that could be! he wants to live in austin after college. that scares me. but we're not THAT serious yet. i feel like i know him better than i've known any other of my boyfriends, and we've only been dating a week. i didn't know robson half as well, nor adam nor john nor sure as heck chris. and i like him a lot more than i liked them. i feel like maybe i could get accustomed to his face.

he had never french kissed anyone before, and i hadn't, either. well, i tried once, but it went awry. today those memories were brought back as i tried to kiss again. this time he initiated it, and he was very aggressive. too aggressive, really, but i'm SO GLAD he made the move. i was chatting last night with amazinfuckup and she essentially said that if he doesn't try to make out with you, he's a jerk! i had never considered that way of thinking before, but to some degree, it makes a lot of sense. if a guy wants to take you out, then yeah, he should probably be into kissing you. and if he's into kissing you, he should try to kiss you, because otherwise why is he taking you out? so that he can pay for your meal and have a friendly conversation? maybe my mom is right, and the guys i've dated really are just jerks. if so, jeff is an angel. i don't know if she'd be into his hair...i REALLY like his hair! gives you something to hold on to, if ya know what i mean. ;)

(SIDENOTE: I am a virgin, and therefore I don't even know what I mean).

(SIDENOTE: His parents don't like his hair, and he does, and I do, therefore it's cooler still).

and he says he's more like his father. i asked him which he was more like, and that was his reply. i wonder if his father knows about me. my dad knows i'm dating him, and his major and classification. he knows i met him in my photo class, and that we went mini golfing today, but that's about it.

aie, i'm going to stop gushing and get some homework done now. :)

yeah, right.

i'm a bit worried about the whole kissing thing. at least now i know we're both amateurs. after he stopped trying to french kiss me, he became very concerned about whether or not he was moving too fast, or if i was comfortable. this was after i had put on my led zeppelin record (the one
with the brownish photo on the front) and gone to the restroom. it was almost like in movies where the girl goes away to fix her hair and then comes back, and then the couple has sex. but of course, this was kissing, and very awkward kissing, at that. it felt strange, and fast, and like too much tongue. it was slobbery. kind of cute, for a first attempt, but...i hope this gets better. i'm sure it's partly me. maybe i need to pay more attention to what's happening, then maybe i could enjoy it more.

i've decided these things could possibly help:

-slowness - that's a biggie
-more touching beforehand (foreplay for kissing, if you will)
-less tongue
-more relaxedness
-gradually get into it, don't just hit home (my mouth) immediately
-more biting each other's bottom lip beforehand

i didn't think that kissing really NEEDED any foreplay, but i think i'm wrong.

i think it will be hard to break up with him, if i ever do. it's really amazing to find someone

who...likes you back. and isn't afraid to say so!

- saturday, Oct. 21, 2006


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