backyard crowing


the rents! :o

well, today i told mom about jeffrey, and she seemed more happy for me than i thought she would. her words were something like, "i knew it wouldn't take long!"

haha. oh moooom...:)

speaking of moms, i'm going to meet HIS (along with the dad) this weekend. weird, right? already?! he asked me and assured me i did not have to if i did not want to, that he would understand if it was a bit early or whatever. i don't think it's too early, i'm comfortable with it. and hey, it's not like we're getting married or anything. it will be casual. dinner on either friday or saturday.

...i'm still a bit nervous, but there's really no reason to be.

"People are just people,
they shouldn't make you nervous,
people are just people like you."
-Imogen Heap

I just LOVE quoting her.

- monday, Oct. 23, 2006


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