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arm-around-shoulder walking

aie. today i woke up at 2 pm when my alarm was set for 8am. anya said she thought it rang. i'm not so, needless to say, i missed my journalism class, and there's a paper due in there on thursday that i need some guidance on how to complete.

at 2pm, i got up, took a roll of pictures at the blanton museum, rushed to the place where i get my film processed, asked for 1-hr. processing, wrote out my critique while the processing occurred, and realized that i had lost my debit card and driver's license--both were in my chinese wallet that anya gave me. UUUUUUGH. i really, really, really, hope i find that thing! at least the photo processing place knows me--they said they would charge me next time i came in, which will probably be around wednesday. i have so much to do in this and the upcoming week, it's not even funny.

today as we were walking back from photojournalism, jeffrey put his arm around my shoulder and we walked like that for most of the way. he was acting a little strangely, and said he had never done that before. he must have been fairly nervous, because he kept making weird noises like "bleep" and other such oddities along the way. i guess he was just hyper, which is what my facebook status reads currently. i certainly don't think any less of him, but it was a bit odd. he walked me to the elevator and then i thought he'd kiss me on the cheek, but he went for the mouth. of course, this was a brief peck, but i felt a little bad for only expecting a cheek-kiss. i don't think it discouraged him; it was more funny than anything. it's difficult to know sometimes people's intentions in a kiss. i for one can vouch for that! (remember the adam incident? yeeeeeah...)

i saw our mutual friend rebecca today! she's in a couple of his classes and works at the convenience store that i'm always visiting. we talked about some things, and right before she went back to stocking, she says, "oh, i noticed you and jeffrey are in a relationship on facebook, congratulations!"

:) woohoo!

- tuesday, Oct. 24, 2006


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