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my first real photography request!

so, guess what nightmare i had last night?

the nightmare took place in the future, after this morning's journalism test results had been revealed. it consisted of my mother yelling at me for having received a bad grade on said test. that's all i remember. terrific! :p

looks like tommorow night i'll bring a movie over to jeffrey's and we'll watch it. awriiight! then on saturday, something less low-key, but we're not sure yet. i wonder if we'll make out tommorow. i hope so! i hope it goes well, and both parties are...satisfied. last weekend i had a cold and didn't want to pass it to him, but i am A-OK for makeouts now! he was a bit pushy last week. "i want your cold," "oh, i've probably caught it already," "i don't mind colds," etc. etc. etc. yep. i think he wants to makeout. but so do i, so YAY.

i'm a bit nervous, but i suppose that's like everyone. at least i know my partner is into it. if i wasn't fairly sure he wanted to swap spit, and liked me, i would be much shyer.

other than that, i have good news concerning my chatty and lovely friend/neighbor abby! sometimes i knock on her door and she poses for my last minute photography projects, but today she gave my door a knock. what now?! she's entering a modeling contest, one that requires a photo of her, and she wants me to be her photographer! aie, i'm excited. i need to e-mail my T.A. and ask her about specifics or advice for the shoot. i'm thinking 400 speed film, and from what i've heard, fujifilm is best. i wonder if i can go somewhere and request matte prints. that might give her a professional look.

we'll photograph outdoors, because she's trying out to be a "girl next door type," nothing provocative. she's so sweet. but, she's really into a frat boy who does pot. he was kicked out of the dorm for smoking the stuff. ergh...she says he's also quite the player. i'm not so sure about this guy. she doesn't smoke though, and she drinks only a little alcohol when she's out. that's good, she seems like a really sweet girl. she's very fluttery and fun, it's a joy to hang out with her.

well, that's all, folks! see you next time.

and by next time, i mean next time i will (hopefully) have news about sexy jeffrey makeouts!

12:06 am - Friday, Nov. 03, 2006


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