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goodnight, jeffrey!

i feel good tonight. my legs feel sort of loose and free, and i'm glad my body's mine. i feel comfortable, and even around him. i'm just relaxed and slightly tired. it's a good feeling, tonight.

i chilled with he, his roommate, and his roommate's girlfriend this evening. it was nice to have a break from just he and i, to hear his friends chat. two weeks ago we decided on a relationship! ah...i really like him. i have some concerns, but i really like him. i like how affectionate he is, it's nice just to cuddle with him and close my eyes. ...makes me wish neither of us had roommates, and we could lay like that longer. i like to think about him holding me before i drift off to sleep... goodnight, jeffrey!

sidenote: i call him jeffrey, and so does his roommate, but most people call him jeff, because that's usually how he introduces himself. i think he likes that i use his formal name. i hope he does! :) he said, "I can now say to people, 'well, my girlfriend and my roommate call me jeffrey, but most people call me jeff.'" awww...

i'm going to sign off now before i get to sappy.



i think that to some degree, women are as much in awe of their bodies as men are. i'm happy that i get my period. i'm thankful for it. sure, it comes with some crappy side effects, and we all complain about the red dot, but one must admit, it is somewhat magical.

arrgh...if i had a husband right now, i would be jumping on him...hey, maybe i'm ovulating! i need to look at that online chart that tracks it, but i'm too lazy. YES, i have an online chart to figure out when i ovulate. :o women are supposed to become more horny during ovulation, et je ne sais pas pourquoi.

1:42 am - Sunday, Nov. 05, 2006


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