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it's so necessary

isn't it funny how when you look at a couple from a distance, or even up close, they always seem so happy and in love? isn't it also funny how these same couples can be as screwed up as the bickering ones, you're just catching them at a good moment?

i feel very wizened today. i'm going to break up with jeffrey tommorow. today he asked me, "you're not going to leave me, are you?" i told him i didn't think so...but now i'm fairly sure i think so.

from my friend Greg's facebook note:

"Procrastination and indecision are two of the worst things. Do things as soon as you can to eliminate doubt."

i can't procrastinate on breaking up with him, or prolong the relationship with my indecision. i know what i have to do, now i just have to have the guts to do it.

it makes me really sad to be leaving him, but it's so necessary.

3:53 am - thursday, Nov. 09, 2006


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