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so, i tried to call fellow diarylander basal tonight to see what he was up to, but alas, nothing. i'm probably not going to leave a message.

i don't have anything particularly interesting to say today, so i'll be a sellout and just post this convo that marcus and i had the day after hour 3 am excursion. i love just walking around with people late at night, especially when it's cold. there's nothing like a good heart to heart chat with someone you only know a little bit.

today i got notes from my friend ray. he's in one of my classes, one that i missed all of last week. shame on me, but whatever. i just need to study my ass off now. ray asked me out...sort of. it was when i was dating jeffrey, so i just told him i was busy that day. no specifics, no nothing. hey, if i can't go, i can't go. only that day i "couldn't". bah! i'm not interested in what he has to offer, anyway. ...well, other than notes. he's one of those "i hate Christians" types, which strangely do not bother me much these days. he went on a real rant about Christians today, because he rearended one last weekend. i didn't mind, i just gave him the pity look. oh, i'm sorry, ray. and i was. and honestly, that sort of thing doesn't really offend me, perhaps because these sorts of people are EVERYWHERE, so i've become immune. and then i think to myself, "am i really a Christian?" and yes, i am, only sometimes i'm more unaffected than others. i for one am in love with the movie Saved! and would reccommend it to anyone.

today there were two types of people roaming around campus--those who were liberal gay advocates, and those who waved the Bible around. i'm not particularly pleased with either of them, but the crowd reacted despicably, too. the Bible-thrower talked about the time his "friends" tricked him into going to hooters, and that's when i left.

i don't agree with Mr. Bible, but he did have the balls to get up in front of hippie austinites and politically aware students to attempt to change them. he was indeed standing up for what he believed in. of course, the other side was behaving bravely as well, but with less poise and more crowd support. i wish the gay supporters would have broadened their vocabulary and attacked Bibleman less for his personal life and focused on his message. he was (in my humble opinion) confused, but at least he wasn't insulting his opposers.

so, here's a chat log (sigh):

me: haylo
me: narf
marcus: What's up?
me: not much
me: smarterchild is so fun
marcus: ...
me: how are you
me: yes, i know he's a robot
me: :p
me: he's chatting with 1,789 bored people out there right now
marcus: lol
me: he calls them "his friends"
me: i beg to differ
me: i think i want to try for an apartment next year, maybe
me: this sharing a room thing is getting old
me: i mean, i love my roommate to pieces, but
me: sometimes i just want to scream
me: y'know?
marcus: Yesh
marcus: No privacy
me: :o
me: yep
me: rrrrrrrrr
me: tommorow is monday
me: not a fun day
me: i'm insulting smarterchild because it can only converse in one language
me: i told him he sucked, and he said he was sorry to hear that i felt that way
me: poor smarterchild
me: he just can't take my creative insults
me: are you a nerd
SmarterChild: Am I a nerd? Are you really asking me that?
me: yes
SmarterChild: Yep.
me: wooooow.
marcus: *rub rub*
me: mmm
me: are you a nerd?
me: "Are you really asking me that?" wow hahaaa
me: *licks lips*
me: do you know the muffin man?
me: smarterchild is one sexy beast
marcus: *lick*
me: awriiight!
marcus: Laff
me: *girn
me: you put the lime in the coke, and you drink it all up
marcus: *pinch nipples*
me: hehe
me: what's up
marcus: take a guess
me: :-D
me: i'm a good guesser
me: hm, could it be...your johnson?
marcus: pedro? sure
me: bwahaha
me: vote pedro!
me: i've never heard pedro
me: why pedro? why johnson, for that matter?
me: i don't understand either
marcus: what would you call it?
me: me?!
marcus: and when are we going to fool around?
marcus: yes you
me: hm
me: okay are you kidding or not
marcus: hmmm... whoooo knooooooows
me: i do not know what i would call it
me: hmph
marcus: well?
me: well what?
marcus: well i dunno
me: i can now say i have made out, but it wasn't fun
marcus: why?
me: i don't know
marcus: we didnt make out.
me: i wish i knew
me: no, we didn't. what of it?
marcus: i dunno
me: so then, question: are all guys attracted to all girls?
marcus: que?
me: are all men attracted to all women?
marcus: i still dont understand the question
me: are there men out there who wouldn't enjoy making out and etc. with particular women?
marcus: theres some girls i wouldnt make out with
marcus: for valid reasons
me: some, so not that many?
marcus: age, size, facial features that i might find less than attractive
marcus: etc etc etc
me: okay, fair enough
me: i understand
marcus: you wouldnt make out with just any guy would you?
me: no, and i think this means that i am a female
me: does that make sense?
marcus: i guess that means im a female too
marcus: if we made out would that make us lesbians?
marcus: cause that would be awsome
me: it seems to me that men enjoy the act, and can do it without having a mental connection. but maybe i'm wrong
marcus: OH
me: ooh!
me: hawt.
marcus: your asking if a guy can just make out with a girl without actually meaning anything?
marcus: anyone can, male or female
marcus: thats why nightclubs exsist
me: but can they do so and be turned on by it?
me: i mean, example: i made out with a guy who i liked and found interesting, but still--no spark. and when i first saw him i thought, "he's cute"! what the heck?
marcus: i get turned on when im making out usually
marcus: half a hard one if you will
me: maybe i just need to get used to having guys around
me: i tend to tense up around them, i don't know
me: ugh
me: even my mother says so
marcus: you seemed a little tense last night
me: really?
me: great
marcus: yeah, kinda like you wanted x amount of space between us
me: oh no
me: well at least you're honest
marcus: where would i get if i wasnt?
me: nowhere
me: that's where
me: anyways
me: any questions about those of us who possess vaginas?
marcus: yes, can i feel you up next time?
me: that's bold!
marcus: im bold
me: on verra
me: ;-)
marcus: rotund actually
marcus: on verra? wuzzat?
me: we'll see
me: aie
marcus: aie
marcus: whaaaaaaa?
me: what?
marcus: whats aie? whats on verra?
me: on verra = we'll see
me: aie = aaaaaaah
me: comprends?
me: allo?
marcus: aie, je comprend. j'appologise, je ne sais pas tu va parle francais
marcus: wow thats butchered.
me: that's okay, i underschtand
me: to apologize is "pardonner"
me: "pardonnez-moi," for example, means "pardon me"
me: badass, do you copy?
marcus: copy, ghost rider
marcus: sorry im writing a paper
me: can i be ghost writer?
me: okie dokie, i'll leave ya alone
marcus: take a picture of your boobs for me
me: ahahahahahaha
marcus: )
marcus: pweeeeeese?
me: wow, an animated smiley!
me: how fancy
me: do you honestly think i would do that?
me: tsk, tsk!
me: night
marcus: ... yes?
me: wrooooooong :-)
marcus: *lip quiver*
me: awwww
me: i've hurt your feelings
marcus: i just... wanna seee.... some boobieeeeess... WAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA
me: there, there
me: you'll survive
marcus: maybe i can see them next time?
marcus: jk
me: ssss!
marcus: touch them at least...
me: well hey, i touched yours
me: it's only fair
marcus: you totally felt me up
me: right?
marcus: but i think it might be a little more... intense for you
me: ahh, i bet
me: i'll have to control myself
me: well, goodnight mr.
marcus: goodnight, mademoiselle

9:02 pm - Monday, Nov. 13, 2006


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