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it's in my blood to go to new york. i realize it's not heaven, not salvation, and not utopia, but i feel i must live there. no other city calls to me like new york does. i do not sleep, and neither does new york. we are soulmates. i have a feeling that sometimes he will disappoint, but living in him will be worth the disappointments. every location has its drawbacks, and nyc is no exception.

i looked up at my manhattan transfer greatest hits album and thought to myself, "i never knew as a child in listening to this album where manhattan was, exactly. now i understand, and i can look at the album cover and band name and appreciate what they mean. this music affects me; these are songs of my childhood. someday i will be there, on the real manhattan transfer, or at least not too far from it. i know who my prince of a city is, and i will reach him."

"i'm not there yet, but i will be."
-some lame commercial!

i know new york isn't supposed to be the best place to grow up, but i'd settle there with my kids in an instant.

"New York...
New York, New York"

i wish i could just take pictures all day. photography is my favorite subject, despite my ex's presence in class. i think he will not bother me, nor i him. we did not speak today, nor acknowledge each other. today was the first time i've seen him since i broke up with him on friday. technically i broke the news over the phone, so i had not seen him since thursday evening. that means he has had a whopping four days to cheer up. i don't know if he needed them or not.

tommorow we have photography discussion section though, and the number of students there is around 15. i can't possibly avoid eye contact in a room such as that. to not say 'hi' would be mean, and i'm not sure that ignoring him today was proper. i guess i tried to give him some space today. i tried to not sound too upbeat in talking to my neighbors, but with sarah in particular, it's quite a feat. she couldn't be negative if she tried, and i love that about her. speaking of which, we're meeting on monday morning to finish a photo project together.

i should mention that i am going to do my final photography project (a photo story) on a veternarian. more on that after it has occurred!

dobie theater isn't showing shortbus or jesus camp anymore, thanks to the fire there that occurred last saturday at 3 am. noooooo!

i was just talking about snoring with my roommate. i have come to the conclusion that both of my parents snore, but mom snores with more grace.

i have a 1-page paper due tommorow that i haven't started on, and a 5-pager due on thursday that also has not begun. papers don't do themselves, you know. they're not into masturbation.

and so, goodnight!

- tuesday, Nov. 14, 2006


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