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Today I processed a roll of film that I did not remember having taken. When I held them up to the light, I laughed. Of course, it was partly self-portrait assignment. I guffawed. Some were the nudes I thought just had not turned out—it was not some sort of sign that I should not photograph myself nude, it was my own absentmindedness! Humans have been vain for years, haven’t they? I look on deviantart and the number of nudes is astounding. But humans are beautiful.

I remember my photo prof saying, “Photography gives people permission to stare.” How true, and lucky for us.

I want to discover my sexuality. I like men, but women are beautiful, too. I don’t see myself marrying a woman, but they do have an eroticism all their own.


i saw this on some website and liked it:

"Those narrow-minded enough to believe that nudity in its purest form should be hidden from minors do not possess the capabilities to discern between artistic expression and crass exploitation, nor do they understand the innocent eyes through which children see. We are not born with a irrational fear of the nude body, it is something that has been wrongfully ingrained into us by society."

- wednesday, Nov. 15, 2006


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