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In Every Language

This was an experiment in taking a random phrase and elaborating on it through poetry. I put my finger in a book, closed my eyes, and my finger stopped moving at the phrase "every language he knows." Here's the result.

In Every Language

He can say he loves her
In every language he knows
She would not know the difference
Just one tongue has she honed

Pity that she's english,
And he a frenchman too,
He never learned
Her native speech,
Only a word or two

Perhaps their barrier stands too strong,
Tonight she says she's through
She escapes
Freedom at last
Stumbling, starting anew
For once he admires ignorance
Tonight he comprehends
His heart has felt that javelin
Her sudden, bitter rend


I walked into a smoothie shop yesterday, and a lady said the first line of this poem to me. She voiced what I have been thinking all semester, only my wind is of a different nature, and refers to the uncertainty I feel in not knowing if I will be accepted into Comm School next semester. The last sentence can have a question mark attached to it or not, depending on how one wishes to perceive the poem. So essentially, that last sentence could be a question or a statement.

Don't Get Blown Away

"Don't get blown away,"
She says,
I did not hear.
"Don't get blown away,"
"That hadn't struck me, dear."

Looking outside
Seeing the wind
Just past the glass,
Ancient trees bend

"Don't get blown away,"
I fear,
Will this youthful sapling tear

5:20 am - Thursday, Nov. 16, 2006


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