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i'm somewhat upset that i did not have a chance to really DO nanowrimo. when should i start it?

i suppose the day after school ends. i need to check and see about a job over the winter break. subway will probably let me work there, but i need to inform them, and quick. i could probably get a couple hundred dollars in three weeks of work. i need to talk to them, though.

well, my history of rock and roll class consists of nothing but chumps. we voted today to have the exam on december 8 rather than the 14th. I WILL KILL THEM IN THEIR SLEEP. why?! why do people do this? don't they know that houston SUCKS ASS and the later the test, the more time we have to study for this? are they complete idiots? GAH! DIE! moving on...

i am so fucking tired. LLlllllllllllll...Sleep. Now. Must. I.

- friday, Nov. 17, 2006


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