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one hell of a misunderstanding!

Here is a note to all Longhorns:

USE the UT Counseling Hotline (512.471.2255). Seriously, do it! The number is local, it's free, and they'll probably talk to you for at least a good 30 minutes. THEY ARE EVEN OPEN ON THANKSGIVING. Trust me, I know! Calling them is the sanest thing you can do for yourself.

I am fairly sure I will be using their service again. Tonight I cried over a boy for the first time in my life, and it was all for nothing! Just a misunderstanding, that's all.


He DOESN'T feel used. Am I happy or what? That's the best thing I've heard all day. Infact, I've been thinking about him all day in the back of my mind and worrying. Why hadn't he called me back? Was he feeling used because of me? Etc., etc. Oi.

I told the hotline lady everything, back to when we first met online to the current state of affairs. How wonderful it was to finally talk about this with someone. I can't exactly tell my mom about the gory details of making out, or how far I went, so an anonymous caller was just fine. I'm laughing now because I called fellow blogger basal first, then the hotline. I've never even spoken to basal! Basal, now you know why I left you a message saying "Happy Thanksgiving." I really just wanted to talk your ear off about some guy you don't even know. Shame on me! :p Anyway.

And he [Marcus] said "Thanks for caring about me like that." Precious. :) He has no idea.

I have a feeling it will be quite a while before I cry over spilt milk again!

I think I love him now...again...but as a friend. It'll need to stay that way.

Good night, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

P.S. My aunt has Chronic Mysosomething Leukemia. She's not dying or anything, she caught it early and she has a great medication to fight it off. She's still her usual, perky self, and as mom says, "Still full of piss and vinegar!" She also got a new dog, since the old one died earlier this semester.

- thursday, nov. 23, 2006 (turkey day)


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